Government, Health and Not for Profit

For several years now, Public Administration, Healthcare and No Profit have been working in a rapidly evolving context with new challenges and growing competition. It’s therefore key to support the repositioning and the process of innovation of those entities that want to invest new ways of work and in employees.
The Government, Health and Not for Profit Knowledge Group at SDA Bocconi aims to support national and international organizations that make public interest their mission, and companies interacting with these organizations.
Our research centers, research labs, events, executive offer represent a playing field for constant debate between the community of practice and academia to improve the system, companies and individual employees.
Our focus is public management and policy making. We focus on companies as well as professional profiles.
Our key competencies are:

  • Growth and development of managers
  • Service management
  • Valuing and motivation of employees
  • Definition of strategic plans and organizational models
  • Developing systems for planning and performance mgmt
  • Innovation and digitalization
  • Use of EU funds
  • Procurement
  • Accounting and finance

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