Natalia Oprea

Government, Health and Not for Profit


Latest publications

GUERRA F., GUGIATTI A., MANFREDI S., OPREA N. La struttura e le attività del SSN in Rapporto OASI 2023 CERGAS (Eds),Egea, chap. 2, pp.33-81, 2023
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BOBINI M., CINELLI G., DEL VECCHIO M., LONGO F., MEDA F., OPREA N., TOZZI V., ZAZZERA A. Il PNRR e i sistemi sanitari regionali: modelli di governance e processi di change management in Rapporto OASI 2022 CERGAS (Eds),Egea, chap. 8, pp.349-379, 2022
EDELMANN N., RODRIGUEZ MÜLLER A. P., OPREA N., TAMBOURIS E., STEEN T. A Framework for Integrated Public Services Co-Creation and Sustainability in DG.O 2022: The 23rd Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research Loni Hagen, Mihkel Solvak, Sungsoo Hwang (Eds),ACM / Association for Computing Machinery, pp.492-493, 2022
OPREA N., CINELLI G., BOBINI M., LONGO F., DEL VECCHIO M. The role of governance modes in dealing with complexity of healthcare systems: evidence from three regions in Italy IRSPM Conference 2023 - April 3 - 5, 2023, Budapest, Hungary