Elisabetta Notarnicola

Curriculum Vitae

Notarnicola Elisabetta is Associate Professor of Practice in Government, Health and Not for Profit at SDA Bocconi School of management.

At SDA Bocconi she is involved in many executive education initiatives dealing with health and social care sectors, and more specifically: service design, network management, integrated care. She coordinates many projects for both private and public institutions, as for example Keyproviders Network, a benchmarking network including the biggest italian providers of Long Term Care. She teaches accounting and financial management in selected courses at master MIMS, MIMHEP and EMMAS.

At CERGAS she is coordinator of the research area Social Policy and Service Management and of the Observatory on Long Term Care. Her research interests revolve mainly around social care policies and more specifically around policy planning and policy-making, network management and coordination between social and health care sectors. In the last years, she has been focusing on Long Term Care policies from a national and international comparative perspective and on Social innovation, including the adoption of collaborative and sharing economy in the care sector. A second research area she is involved in, is accounting and accountability in the public sector with a focus on financial performance measurement in health and social care sector and use of accounting and performance information in policy-making processes. She is involved in many research projects assessing the impact of national accounting reforms on Local Health Authorities.

She authored articles for both international journals, such as BMC Health Services Research and Social Policy & Administration, and national ones, such as Mecosan, and OASI Report, edited by CERGAS SDA Bocconi. She authored a book about Long Term Care Policies in Europe (Egea, 2014). She is member of IRSPM and EGPA. She’s a chartered public accountant and auditor.

She holds the MSc degree in Management of Public Administration and International Organizations from Bocconi University and PhD in Management and Innovation at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan.