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Online learning. Into the future, together.

We’re always by your side as you search for the best way to achieve your potential.

SDA Bocconi has created a digital ecosystem to help you on your path of professional development. This authoritative compass can guide your development process and offer you the most effective perspective so you can continue to grow. And thanks to the latest tools, resources and methods that adapt to the different phases of your career, we can plan your strategy for continuous learning together. We’ll provide timely feedback and closely follow you through this change to meet your every need.


This is Online Learning at SDA Bocconi.

An innovative, forward-looking option that will lead you to your next big challenge.

The 4 pillars of online learning


The contents are constantly updated according to the latest academic research carried out by our faculty. They have a broad national and international approach and are well integrated with the world of work. This supports your ongoing development of skills and knowledge that serve your professional work today and tomorrow.

Innovativive methods

Starting from your specific needs, the interactive videos, podcasts, management simulations, assessments, and Go Beyond Immersive Room are just some of the innovative learning methods that help transform the course contents into a valuable learning experience.


Each participant will have a unique learning experience. To us, flexibility means it is easy to use and created as a personalized learning path according to the needs and profile of each participant.


We have designed these programs with the goal of guiding you through the development of specific skills for your continuous learning journey. We evaluate the learning process through assessment moments and recognize the value of the program with a formal certification.


Participants trained






Observer, Knight, Inventor or Sage?


During a learning experience, everyone develops a specific online learning style through which they interact with other participants, educators and the external environment.

Answer a few simple questions to discover your profile, share it on your social networks and review data related to the most common types of participants in the world of online education.

Going beyond means crossing boundaries, overcoming limits and pushing beyond usual expectations. It is an invitation to explore new horizons, embrace innovation and challenge oneself to reach extraordinary results.


With the Go Beyond Immersive Room, we offer you the opportunity to be at the center of your online learning experience. Thanks to integrated technologies and a unique multi-channel environment, you are the master of your own learning.

Our Online Offer



SDA Bocconi’s class-teaching experience just a click away. Our Online Live Programs provide you with the same engagement as on-campus courses anywhere and on any device.

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Certificate of participation



If you feel the need to organize and update your professional skills and you want to have tangible evidence of this up-skilling and re-skilling process, SDA Bocconi Online Professional Certificates are the right choice for you.

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On Demand

SDA Bocconi management training tailored to your lifestyle. Our Online On Demand Programs offer an excellent balance between quality of learning and organizational impact.

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