Doctorate in Business Administration

  • Oct 2020 Next Start
  • 3 Years Duration
  • English Language
  • Modular
    (Residential and Virtual Modules)
  • 20 years Avg. working
  • Milano Where

Doctorate in Business Administration.

The DBA is a 3-year part-time program aimed at business professionals who want to be Thought Leaders in their organizations by applying academic research to concrete managerial problems. 


DBA Perspectives
DBA Perspectives

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3 - 4

Virtual Modules - Residential Modules

"Developing a recognized thought leadership in your field requires the ability to develop new knowledge that is relevant in its concrete implications for managerial practice but also rigorously crafted according to the highest academic standards. During your DBA at SDA Bocconi, its internationally renowned faculty will help you develop such new knowledge not only by interacting with you during class, but also by individually tutoring you in every step of your research projects".

Fabrizio Castellucci
DBA Director


"Our DBA gives you the mindset and the tools to think differently about management practice. It is based on rigorous thinking and methodologies for approaching empirically relevant problems".

Gianmario Verona

Rector, Bocconi University

"There are many ways in which managerial knowledge can advance. The most common ones are direct experience, trial-and-error, on the job learning, traditional executive training and education. With the SDA Bocconi DBA we want to challenge managers on a different level: we want them to start infusing managerial practice with a bit of science".

Giuseppe Soda

Dean, SDA Bocconi School of Management

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Mid Jan 2020
Application Review Start
31 May 2020
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Oct 2020
Program Start
Oct 2023
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