Doctorate in Business Administration

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  • 3 Years Duration
  • English Language
  • Modular
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  • 20 years Avg. working
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Doctorate in Business Administration.

The DBA is a 3-year part-time program aimed at business professionals who want to be Thought Leaders in their organizations by applying academic research to concrete managerial problems. 


apr 2021 15:00 - 16:30 | CEST
DBA Presentation: Knowledge for Thought Leaders. Chat with the Director and the Participants.


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DBA is member of the European Doctoral Programmes Association in Management & Business Administration (EDAMBA)


"Developing a recognized thought leadership in your field requires the ability to develop new knowledge that is relevant in its concrete implications for managerial practice but also rigorously crafted according to the highest academic standards. During your DBA at SDA Bocconi, its internationally renowned faculty will help you develop such new knowledge not only by interacting with you during class, but also by individually tutoring you in every step of your research projects".

Fabrizio Castellucci
DBA Director

What they say about us

Why did you choose to undertake the SDA Bocconi DBA?  

I wanted to update my knowledge on business administration courses and to acquire research skills while also working. This program fulfills these needs, plus it holds a triple accreditation and the university is highly ranked. I consider the state of the art campuses an added value.


How is this choice satisfying your needs?

Although it is early to judge since we only have completed the 1st residential module, the program is modern and classic, theoretical and practical, well paced, demanding but manageable, customized to individual needs even from the application process. The Professors are enthusiastic and help us grasp challenging notions, beyond the text provided. Also, I continuously receive prompt and to the point support from my thesis Advisor, she guides me on how to structure my dissertation and which papers I should focus on.


Would you recommend this program? If yes why?

Certainly, it is a development opportunity offering breadth and depth of knowledge and skills, and networking. Milan contributes to a holistic educational experience as it offers rich cultural venues, it is clean and the citizens are polite.


Your program in 3 words:

Innovative, inquisitive, personalized.

Dorina Klepetouna
DBA 2019-2022
HR Manager, Archirodon

Why did you choose to undertake the SDA Bocconi DBA?

I have been thinking about doctoral studies for several years but could not find a program that was in Europe and was offered by an FT top ranked school with a strong reputation both academically and within management practice. As someone who has advised students over a couple of decades about business education, I always tell them that the ideal program is one offered by the best brand of business school, with the best reputation, the best professors, and a program that you can afford. This is the advice I followed - Bocconi is the top school in Italy, highly ranked by the Financial Times, highly cited professors at the top of their subject areas and I was offered a scholarship!


How is this choice satisfying your needs?

I love being at Bocconi and interacting with the faculty and my classmates. The nature of a doctoral program which is part time, is that you are a bit of an island following your own route but I don’t feel isolated because there is regular communication with my supervisor, the Head of the Program, and with my classmates. It is a supportive and responsive environment where I know I can get the help I need. I’ve also found that Bocconi’s connections to global business leaders are incredible. As part of my research, I’ve been introduced to executives I would not otherwise meet. I know that, as a result, my research output will be relevant, backed up by academic theory and informed by real practice. As a student, being able to leverage such a powerful brand’s connections is a rare opportunity. I honestly don’t know what other business school I would have this.


Would you recommend this program? If yes why?

The building blocks of the DBA program are in place to offer anyone serious about studying at doctoral level while working (this is a challenge not to be underestimated) to pursue their dream of becoming a thought-leader with a rigorous and relevant body of research to support them. SDA Bocconi will help you on this journey, what you need to provide is an enquiring mind, discipline and great time-management!

I would particularly recommend the program to women, who are in the minority. As a mother of three young women, my maternal and financial responsibilities are significant but I also believe that it’s important to be a role model to our daughters that they too can balance all the various demands and responsibilities and pursue their own goals and dreams. Bocconi is certainly a champion of women’s education through its scholarship program. I would urge any woman considering achieving the highest levels of education to apply to Bocconi.


Your program in 3 words:

Living the dream.

Lisa Duke - Swiss
DBA 2018-2021
Director, Lisa Duke Sàrl

Recruiting and Admissions Service
Via Sarfatti, 10 - 20136 Milan, Italy
tel +39 02 5836 3115

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