Doctorate in Business Administration

Doctorate in Business Administration.

Next Start 10 Oct 2022
Duration 3 Years
Language English
Format Modular
(Residential and Virtual Modules)
Avg. working
20 years
Where Milano

The DBA is a 3-year part-time program aimed at business professionals who want to be Thought Leaders in their organizations by applying academic research to concrete managerial problems. 




My DBA in 60 seconds - Viktoria Beromelidze

My DBA in 60 seconds - Javier Chavarria Bruquetas

My DBA in 60 Seconds - Florian Pollner

My DBA in 60 seconds - Heather Wade







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Virtual Modules - Residential Modules


DBA is member of the European Doctoral Programmes Association in Management & Business Administration (EDAMBA)

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"Developing a recognized thought leadership in your field requires the ability to develop new knowledge that is relevant in its concrete implications for managerial practice but also rigorously crafted according to the highest academic standards. During your DBA at SDA Bocconi, its internationally renowned faculty will help you develop such new knowledge not only by interacting with you during class, but also by individually tutoring you in every step of your research projects".

Fabrizio Castellucci
DBA Director

What They Say About Us

Why did you choose to undertake the SDA Bocconi DBA?

I chose the SDA Bocconi DBA because of its motto "Thought Leadership", which is not only important in doing business, but also beneficial in achieving a certain level of happiness.


How is this choice satisfying your needs?

I am very satisfied by my selection, as I found valuable the learning experience in the courses Organization, Logic, and Innovation by the Profs Foss, Grandori, and Fosfuri, respectively.


Would you recommend this program? if yes why?

I could happily recommend this Doctoral program because of the aforementioned reasons, the great 2019 rankings of the BU/SDAB by the FT, and the magnificent new campus.


Your program in 3 words:

"Futuristic Thought Leadership"

Chris Finengman - English
DBA 2018-2021
Founder, BusiTech

Why did you choose to undertake the SDA Bocconi DBA?

have chosen the SDA Bocconi DBA program for two major reasons, the excellence the school and the format of the program.

Firstly, after my Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering at MIT in 1995, I have pursued my MBA degree at SDA Bocconi in 2000, when I was totally satisfied with the quality of the program and the faculty. Since then, I could follow in the news that the school preserved its quality of education and even increased its position in various rankings among the best business schools in Europe and the world.

Secondly, as I am traveling for my work with an average number of trips around 30 and total days of around 120 per year, respectively, it would be very difficult for me to pursue a full-time DBA or PhD program, especially to physically attend the courses in an uninterrupted way in the first two years. The part-time format of the SDA Bocconi DBA program would allow me to smoothly continue my business activities as well as to pursue my academic studies in parallel. It will be much easier for me to arrange my time schedule for four residential modules of each one week to be present in Milan combined with three virtual modules for the first two years of the DBA program, than to be present at another school to physically attend courses on designated days on every week for two years, even in my hometown Istanbul.


How is this choice satisfying your needs?

The program satisfies both of my needs very well, i.e. (i) the quality of professors and teaching methods as well as the match of my thesis topic with the research area of my advisor are excellent, (ii) the blended format of the program is designed to be flexible enough to be synchronized with my work schedule.


Would you recommend this program? if yes why?

I would certainly recommend the program especially to people who would like to, after completing the program, continue to work and also teach simultaneously on a part-time basis. In this way, they would be able not only to continue to advance their managerial capabilities through rigorous thinking and research, but also give a deeper input to the academic world.


Your program in 3 words:

Superior, diversified, flexible

Emrah Ergelen - Canadian
DBA 2018-2021
Founder / Managing Director, Frux Consulting

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