Doctorate in Business Administration

Doctorate in Business Administration.

Next Start 10 Oct 2022
Duration 3 Years
Language English
Format Modular
(Residential and Virtual Modules)
Avg. working
20 years
Where Milano

The DBA is a 3-year part-time program aimed at business professionals who want to be Thought Leaders in their organizations by applying academic research to concrete managerial problems. 




My DBA in 60 seconds - Viktoria Beromelidze

My DBA in 60 seconds - Javier Chavarria Bruquetas

My DBA in 60 Seconds - Florian Pollner

My DBA in 60 seconds - Heather Wade







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Virtual Modules - Residential Modules


DBA is member of the European Doctoral Programmes Association in Management & Business Administration (EDAMBA)

Scholarships and Tuition Waivers

"Developing a recognized thought leadership in your field requires the ability to develop new knowledge that is relevant in its concrete implications for managerial practice but also rigorously crafted according to the highest academic standards. During your DBA at SDA Bocconi, its internationally renowned faculty will help you develop such new knowledge not only by interacting with you during class, but also by individually tutoring you in every step of your research projects".

Fabrizio Castellucci
DBA Director

What They Say About Us

What impressed me most is the academic rigour of the professors, their passion for the area of expertise as well as their availability and willingness to support. And, thanks to DBA, I have made friends for life: the colleagues on the program!

Franco Valletta - Maltese
DBA 2017-2020
Group Chief Officer - Organisation Development & HR, Corinthia Hotels

Why did you choose to undertake the SDA Bocconi DBA?

A top school with superb pedigree, programme flexibility that recognizes and respects my parallel engagements, underlined by newness which brings with it the opportunity and openness to evolve.


How is this choice satisfying your needs?

A bit too early to say...


Would you recommend this program? If yes why?

As above...


Your program in 3 words:

Exceptional forum (of) minds

David Friedman - Swiss
DBA 2019-2022
Director, Multi-Brand Strategy and Brand Governance, AGCO EME

Next Steps

Feb 2022
Application Review Start
10 Oct 2022
Program Start
Dec 2025
Program End

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