Ludovica Borsoi

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Latest publications

ARMENI P., BORSOI L., NOTARNICOLA E., ROTA S. La spesa sanitaria: composizione ed evoluzione nella prospettiva nazionale, regionale ed aziendale in Rapporto OASI 2022 CERGAS (Eds),Egea, chap. 3, pp.93-150, 2022
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BORSOI L., CALLEA G., TARRICONE R. How to Reduce Inequity of Access to Cardiac Rehabilitation After Surgical Aortic Valve Replacement. Recommendations for the Post–COVID-19 Era From a Real-World, Population-Based Study Clinical Therapeutics, 2022, vol.44, no. 4, pp.491-507
ARMENI P., BERTOLANI A., BORSOI L., COSTA F. La spesa sanitaria: composizione ed evoluzione in Rapporto OASI 2021 CERGAS (Eds),Egea, chap. 3, pp.117-173, 2021
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ROGNONI C., Cuccurullo D., BORSOI L., Bonavina L., Asti E., Crovella F., Bassi U., Carbone G., Guerini F., De Paolis P., Pessione S., Greco V. M., Baccarini E., Soliani G., Sagnelli C., Crovella C., Trapani V., De Nisco C., Eugeni E., Zanzi F., De Nicola E., Marioni A., Rosignoli A., Silvestro R., TARRICONE R., Piccoli M. Clinical outcomes and quality of life associated with the use of a biosynthetic mesh for complex ventral hernia repair: analysis of the “Italian Hernia Club” registry Scientific Reports, 2020, vol.10, no. 1, pp.10706


Value-based Medtech: How to Succeed in a Challenging Environment
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  • 2 Oct 2023
  • 3,5 days
  • Blended
  • English

The course aims to discuss the drivers of changes and how to successfully respond to new challenges to keep competing in an unstable, unpredictable future.