Latest publications

CAPPELLARO G., COMPAGNI A., VAARA E. Ambiguity in Organization Theory: From Intrinsic to Strategic Perspectives Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, Great Britain, 2023
Blandford A., Abdi S., Aristidou A., Carmichael J., CAPPELLARO G., Hussain R., Balaskas K. Protocol for a qualitative study to explore acceptability, barriers and facilitators of the implementation of new teleophthalmology technologies between community optometry practices and hospital eye services BMJ Open, 2022, vol.12, no. 7, pp.e060810
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Biygautane M., Micelotta E., Gabbioneta C., CAPPELLARO G. In the Land of Sand and Oil: How the Macrofoundations of a Tribal Society Shape the Implementation of Public–Private Partnerships in Macrofoundations: Exploring the Institutionally Situated Nature of Activity Christopher W. J. Steele, Timothy R. Hannigan, Vern L. Glaser, Madeline Toubiana, Joel Gehman (Eds),Emerald Publishing Limited, pp.67-96, 2020

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Excellence in Teaching Innovation - Undergraduate School - Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi , 2019