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SDA Bocconi Custom Programs

SDA Bocconi designs and implements personalized programs for public and private, domestic and international organizations. With an operative, systematic and holistic approach it combines the organization's strategic objectives with individual professional and personal development. It creates value in partnership with the customer, by developing specific training paths which are tailored to the specific organization at hand.

SDA Bocconi supports the change of organizations through an authentic learning journey with customized programs that are tailor made both in qualitative and in quantitative terms.

Organization Empowerment®

Assessing, analyzing, co-designing, and running a program are the pillars developed by SDA Bocconi to achieve success stories and generate long-term impact on organizations and society.

The Benefits of Custom Programs


SDA Bocconi partners with customers in designing education and creating value – change is co-creation. Constructive dialogue, active listening and needs evaluation nurture their relationship.


SDA Bocconi boosts a long and proven Organizational Empowerment® experience and  is therefore  flexible, able to shape content that fits the ever evolving needs of its clients.


SDA Bocconi Custom Programs integrate education with research since the latter continuously generates knowledge applied to the business worldthus broadening horizons, capturing new perspectives and thinking outside the box.


SDA Bocconi aims to build long-lasting relations, thus becoming the reference partner capable of offering constant and constructive dialogue with its customers.

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Custom Education FT Ranking 2024*
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