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OTTO M., CAVALLARO L. Business-government relations in Management Pubblico - II ed. F. Longo, A. Turrini, G. Fattore, M. Cucciniello, E. Ricciuti (Eds),Egea, pp.303-318, 2024
ARMENI P., CALLEA G., COSTA F., MALANDRINI F., OTTO M., SEGANTIN G., SIRENA P., TARRICONE R. Il payback come misura di contenimento della spesa per farmaci e dispositivi medici in Rapporto OASI 2023 CERGAS (Eds),Egea, chap. 17, pp.651-698, 2023
ARMENI P., COSTA F., JOMMI C., MALANDRINI F., OTTO M., TARANTOLA A. L’evoluzione del finanziamento dei farmaci in Italia in Rapporto OASI 2023 CERGAS (Eds),Egea, chap. 8, pp.317-354, 2023
JOMMI C., BERTOLANI A., ARMENI P., COSTA F., OTTO M. Pharmaceutical pricing and managed entry agreements: an exploratory study on future perspectives in Europe Health Policy and Technology, 2023, vol.12, no. 2, pp.100771
TARANTOLA A., OTTO M., ARMENI P., COSTA F., MALANDRINI F., JOMMI C. Early access programs for medicines: comparative analysis among France, Italy, Spain, and UK and focus on the Italian case Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice, 2023, vol.16, no. 1, pp.67
FERRARA L., OTTO M., Aapro M., Albreht T., Jonsson B., Oberst S., Oliver K., Pisani E., Presti P., Rubio I. T., Terkola R., TARRICONE R. How to improve efficiency in cancer care: Dimensions, methods, and areas of evaluation Journal of Cancer Policy, 2022, vol.34, pp.100355

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