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PIANCATELLI C., CUADRADO M., MION DALLE CARBONARE P. Balenciaga, the Master of Haute Couture in The Artification of Luxury Fashion Brands : Synergies, Contaminations, and Hybridizations Marta Massi , Alex Turrini (Eds),Palgrave Macmillan, chap. 6, 2020
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CARÙ A., MION DALLE CARBONARE P., OSTILLIO M. C., PIANCATELLI C. The Impact of Technology on Visitor Immersion in Art Exhibitions: Evidence from the Modigliani Art Experience exhibition in Digital Transformation in the Cultural and Creative Industries. Production, Consumption and Entrepreneurship in the Digital and Sharing Economy Marta Massi, Marilena Vecco, Yi Lin (Eds),Routledge, chap. 2, 2020
MASSI M., PIANCATELLI C., MION DALLE CARBONARE P. Boosting Football Club Brands Through Museums: The Experience of Mondo Milan in Integrated Marketing Communications, Strategies, and Tactical Operations in Sports Organizations Manuel Alonso Dos Santos (Eds),IGI Global, chap. 6, pp.110-128, 2019
MASSI M., MION DALLE CARBONARE P., TURRINI A. Turning Crowds into Patrons: Democratizing Fundraising in the Arts and Culture in The Routledge Companion to Arts Management William J. Byrnes, Aleksandar Brkic (Eds),Routledge, chap. 27, pp.409-429, 2019
MION DALLE CARBONARE P., HIEDEMANN A., NASI G. Milano, Monaco, Barcellona: smart city a confronto Economia & Management, 2018, vol.1, pp.29-34

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