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Latest publications

CALLEA G., FEDERICI C. B., FREDDI R., TARRICONE R. Recommendations for the design and implementation of an Early Feasibility Studies program for medical devices in the European Union Expert Review of Medical Devices, 2022, vol.19, no. 4, pp.315-325
BORSOI L., CALLEA G., TARRICONE R. How to Reduce Inequity of Access to Cardiac Rehabilitation After Surgical Aortic Valve Replacement. Recommendations for the Post–COVID-19 Era From a Real-World, Population-Based Study Clinical Therapeutics, 2022, vol.44, no. 4, pp.491-507
CUSUMANO N., VECCHI V., CALLEA G., AMATUCCI F., BRUSONI M., LONGO F. Acquisti sanitari: la pandemia e il consolidamento del mercato. L’urgenza di traiettorie evolutive in Rapporto OASI 2021 Cergas (Eds),Egea, chap. 17, pp.671-695, 2021
ARMENI P., MEREGAGLIA M., BORSOI L., TORBICA A., CALLEA G. PMD16 What Factors Do Clinicians Value Most in Selecting Physician Preference Items? a Survey in Orthopedics Using Discrete Choice Experiment and Best-Worst Scaling Value in Health, 2021, vol.24, pp.S126
CALLEA G. The Pivotal Role of Hospitals in Enhancing Rational and Appropriate Use of Resources for Mature Technologies: The Case of Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation Clinical Therapeutics, 2021, vol.43, no. 5, pp.796-797
Berti S., CALLEA G. Conversations with the Editor: Optimizing Patient Pathways Through the Activation of an Aortic Valve Outpatient Day Service Clinical Therapeutics, 2021, vol.43, no. 5, pp.798-805

Grants & Honors

Best Paper Award Fabio Gobbo - Società Italiana di Economia e Politica Industriale (SIEPI) , 2009

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