Oriana Ciani

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Latest publications

Robertson D. J., Rex D. K., CIANI O., DRUMMOND M. Colonoscopy vs. the Fecal Immunochemical Test: Which is Best? European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, 2024
Gladwell D., CIANI O., Parnaby A., Palmer S. Surrogacy and the Valuation of ATMPs: Taking Our Place in the Evidence Generation/Assessment Continuum PharmacoEconomics, 2024, vol.42, pp.137–144
Trentini F., CIANI O., Vanni E., GHISLANDI S., TORBICA A., Azzolini E., MELEGARO A. A repeated cross-sectional analysis on the economic impact of SARS-CoV-2 pandemic at the hospital level in Italy Scientific Reports, 2023, vol.13, no. 1, pp.12386
Christensen R., CIANI O., Manyara A. M., Taylor R. S. Surrogate Endpoints: A Key Concept in Clinical Epidemiology Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, 2023, pp.111242
CIANI O., Manyara A. M., Davies P., Stewart D., Weir C. J., Young A. E., Blazeby J., Butcher N. J., Bujkiewicz S., Chan A., Dawoud D., Offringa M., Ouwens M., Hróbjartssson A., Amstutz A., Bertolaccini L., Bruno V. D., Devane D., Faria C. D. C. M., Gilbert P. B., Harris R., Lassere M., Marinelli L., Markham S., Powers J. H., Rezaei Y., Richert L., Schwendicke F., Tereshchenko L. G., Thoma A., Turan A., Worrall A., Christensen R., Collins G. S., Ross J. S., Taylor R. S. A framework for the definition and interpretation of the use of surrogate endpoints in interventional trials eClinicalMedicine, 2023, vol.65, pp.102283
Busnelli A., CIANI O., Caroselli S., Figliuzzi M., Poli M., Levi-Setti P. E., TARRICONE R., Capalbo A. Implementing preconception expanded carrier screening in a universal health care system: A model-based cost-effectiveness analysis Genetics in Medicine, 2023, vol.25, no. 11, pp.100943

Grants & Honors

Research Award - Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi , 2023
Egon Jonsson Award - HTAi - Health Technology Assessment international , 2016
Best Podium Presentation - ISPOR—The Professional Society for Health Economics and Outcomes Research , 2013
Young Researchers Award - AIES - Italian Health Economics Association , 2010

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