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"Welcome to SDA Bocconi.


Since 1971 we have been committed to nurturing your educational experiences with our passion for experienced-based knowledge, creativity, scientific rigor, breadth and inclusivity. We were born to support people, companies, and institutions in their growth and striving for improvement and continuous transformations. SDA Bocconi has been a place for people to start their careers, to turn a corner with new perspectives and it has been a means of generating leaders.


Over the years we have grown together with our customers and our students, we have learned to continuously innovate our offer to support people and organizations to address critical challenges and drive transformations in a changing world. From national champion, we have become global leaders. We have intensified our commitment and programs to ensure increasingly specialized solutions to the needs of our customers. We have transformed our research into knowledge with enduring impact and embraced the digital revolution. We designed and inaugurated a groundbreaking campus, which is among the most innovative in the world.

Our strength is, in fact, the ability to evolve, thanks to widespread innovative energy and creativity that nourishes our faculty and our highly engaged staff.


We are fortunate to be part of Bocconi University with its celebrated history and unique culture, which emphasizes rigorous inquiry, quality of the teaching, independence and respect for individuals. 


Welcome to Milan, a world-class city that is unique for its lifestyle, its vibrant creativity, its innovativeness and passion for work.


I look forward to meeting you in SDA Bocconi, where we will start a stimulating journey of knowledge and imagination together.


See you soon."


Prof. Giuseppe Soda

Dean SDA Bocconi School of Management

SDA Bocconi School of Management. A Long-Lasting and Life-Changing Experience


Decisions are made in an instant. But they often come at the end of a long process, and mark the start of a new journey. The moment you choose SDA Bocconi School of Management, you choose to enrich your knowledge and imagination, and therefore transform the rest of your life. You choose to invest in education, research, creativity and commitment, which will have an impact on you as a person and as a manager. You start thinking bigger, and you re-design your objectives, driven by passion and enthusiasm.

SDA Bocconi Has Values That Value It. In Continuity With Bocconi University’s Spirit, They Represent the History and the Future.
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Established in 1971, SDA Bocconi School of Management Is the Biggest Business School in Italy.


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All the Numbers That Make SDA Bocconi the Top School of Management in Italy and One of the Highest-Ranking in the World.

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