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"SDA Bocconi has always gone through continuous changes, addressing the social environment, and evolving relentlessly to fulfill its mission as a school of management. SDA has acquired a new dimension over the past six years, due not only to the new campus but also to excellence in all its initiatives and results.

The future is uncertain and ambiguous yet fascinating and stimulating for those who have the instinct and taste for innovation, risk, courage, and responsibility. SDA has a duty to be daring and to help build this future, starting from Milan, our extraordinary city, for the benefit of the country - also thanks to the new premises in Rome - and above all through the different international dimensions, starting from the European Union, but without any borders.

The School must be a key player in social transformation, with an ever-increasing and visible impact through its advanced education activities and its ability to conduct research, which must continually raise the bar on content, creating a robust bridge between its most advanced components and the world of decision-making and management. But it must also move into uncharted territories. The benefit of being an autonomous and independent school of management, within a leading social science university, must allow us to take full advantage of the strength of all its many disciplines. Being a school of management increasingly means making an impact, then continuously measuring, and verifying it. It means addressing the issues of sustainability, gender equality and diversity, inequality, growth, and the policies that address these challenges. This is our task and also our responsibility.”

Prof. Stefano Caselli

Dean SDA Bocconi School of Management

SDA Bocconi School of Management. A Long-Lasting and Life-Changing Experience


Decisions are made in an instant. But they often come at the end of a long process, and mark the start of a new journey. The moment you choose SDA Bocconi School of Management, you choose to enrich your knowledge and imagination, and therefore transform the rest of your life. You choose to invest in education, research, creativity and commitment, which will have an impact on you as a person and as a manager. You start thinking bigger, and you re-design your objectives, driven by passion and enthusiasm.

SDA Bocconi Has Values That Value It. In Continuity With Bocconi University’s Spirit, They Represent the History and the Future.
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Established in 1971, SDA Bocconi School of Management Is the Biggest Business School in Italy.


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All the Numbers That Make SDA Bocconi the Top School of Management in Italy and One of the Highest-Ranking in the World.

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