Maria Cucciniello

Curriculum Vitae

Maria Cucciniello is Assistant Professor of the Department of Policy Analysis and Public Management at Bocconi University.

Her collaboration with SDA Bocconi began in 2006. She conducted research and training projects with important public sector organizations.

Her research focus on e-health and e-government, on the impact of ICT in healthcare and public sectors, on transparency in public sector, on change management and organizational redesign for the introduction of new information systems and evolution of managerial skills in PA.

She is the author of numerous books and articles on the subject. Her works have been published in Public Administration Review, Public Management Review, Journal of Medical Internet Research, Social Science Computer Review, Economia & Management and Mecosan. She is reviewer for many specialized magazines, including Health Policy, Critical Perspective on Accounting Journal and Azienda Pubblica. She is editorial board member of Review of Public Administration and Management and she has been elected New Researchers coordinator of the International Research Society for Public Management.

Maria earned the Undergraduate Degree in Public Administrations and International Institutions Management and the Master of science in Economics and Management of Public Administrations and International Institutions both from Bocconi University and a Ph.D. in Management from the University of Edinburgh.

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