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TARRICONE R., PETRACCA F., CIANI O., CUCCINIELLO M. Distinguishing features in the assessment of mHealth apps Expert Review Of Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research, 4 March, 2021, pp.1-6
PETRACCA F., CIANI O., CUCCINIELLO M., TARRICONE R. Harnessing Digital Health Technologies During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic: Context Matters Journal Of Medical Internet Research, 30 December, 2020, vol.22, no. 12, pp.e21815
OSBORNE S., CUCCINIELLO M., NASI G., Strokosch K. New development: Strategic user orientation in public services delivery—the missing link in the strategic trinity? Public Money & Management, 2020, pp.1-4
Porumbescu G. A., CUCCINIELLO M., Bellé N., NASI G. Only hearing what they want to hear: Assessing when and why performance information triggers intentions to coproduce Public Administration, 2020
CHIARINI TREMBLAY M., CUCCINIELLO M., TARRICONE R., Porumbescu G. A., Desouza K. C. Delivering Effective Care Through Mobile Apps: Findings from a Multi-stakeholder Design Science Approach in Designing for Digital Transformation. Co-Creating Services with Citizens and Industry Sara Hofmann, Oliver Müller, Matti Rossi (Eds),Springer International Publishing, pp.3-14, 2020
CIANI O., CUCCINIELLO M., PETRACCA F., APOLONE G., TARRICONE R., MERLINI G., NOVELLO S., PEDRAZZOLI P., ZILEMBO N., BROGLIA C., CAPELLETTO E., GARASSINO M., NICOD E. Lung Cancer App (LuCApp) study protocol: a randomised controlled trial to evaluate a mobile supportive care app for patients with metastatic lung cancer BMJ Open, 2019, vol.9

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