Luca Brusati

Government, Health and Not for Profit


Latest publications

Brusati L., Fedele P., Ianniello M. Dealing with Multilingualism in EU Institutions: The Implications of Enlargement from a Managerial Perspective in S. Gerolimich, S. Vecchiato, Plurilingualism and the Labour Market. Language Needs, Challenges and Strategies Peter Lang International Academic Publishers, pp.143-162, 2016
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Brusati L., Fedele P., Ianniello M. Organizational Underpinnings of Interactive Decision Making: An Empirical Enquiry International Journal Of Public Sector Management, 2016, vol.29, no. 4, pp.310-326
Brusati L. Business and Government in the Information Society: The Communication of Digital Video Broadcasting Policy in South East Europe Vega Press, , 2015
Brusati L., Iacuzzi S., Ianniello M., Fedele P. Civil Dialogue: Obstacles and Solutions. A Meta-analysis of the Empirical Evidence in M. W. Sienkiewicz, Forms and Determinants of Development of Civil Dialogue Centre for Local Development Foundation, pp.210, 2015
Brusati L., Garlatti A., Fedele P. In Search of Horizontal Government: Insights on Joining Up Municipalities Revija Za Univerzalno Odlicnost, 2015, vol.4, no. 2, pp.A1-A11