Giorgio Giacomelli

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Latest publications

GIACOMELLI G., Vainieri M., Garzi R., Zamaro N. Organizational commitment across different institutional settings: how perceived procedural constraints frustrate self-sacrifice International Review Of Administrative Sciences, 2020
DEL VECCHIO M., GIACOMELLI G., MONTANELLI R., VIDÈ F. Le politiche di gestione del personale nelle aziende del SSN durante l’emergenza Covid-19 in Rapporto OASI 2020 CERGAS (Eds),Egea, chap. 13, pp.515-564, 2020
GIACOMELLI G., Ferré F., Furlan M., Nuti S. Involving hybrid professionals in top management decision-making: How managerial training can make the difference Health Services Management Research, 2019, vol.32, no. 4, pp.168-179
GIACOMELLI G. The role of hybrid professionals in the public sector: a review and research synthesis Public Management Review, 2019, pp.1-28
Garzi R., GIACOMELLI G., Vainieri M. Soddisfazione sul lavoro e anzianità di servizio. Spunti di riflessione da un'analisi comparata in diversi contesti organizzativi Sicurezza e Scienze Sociali, 2019, no. 3, pp.37-53
GIACOMELLI G., Annesi N., Barsanti S., Battaglia M. Combining ideal types of performance and performance regimes International Journal Of Public Sector Management, 2019, vol.32, no. 7, pp.721-740

Grants & Honors

Best Paper Award (Healthcare Management) - AIES - Italian Health Economics Association , 2018

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