Research is the fuel of SDA Bocconi School of Management, driving it forward and powering its success.

At SDA Bocconi, research is at the core of our mission: it pushes the boundaries of knowledge to create unprecedented and influential thinking for businesses and institutions.

Our research is developed within Labs and Observatories, dedicated to specific research topics. They focus on innovative and relevant phenomena, analyze them using rigorous tools and methodologies, and provide our communities with the knowledge they need to address the challenges of today’s fast changing environments.

In the School's Labs, complex and interfunctional phenomena, often still at an early stage, are analyzed and transformed into practical solutions ready to use by companies and institutions alike. Researchers with different experiences and backgrounds work together in the same Lab, using complementary approaches, methodologies, and points of view. In many Labs, the research is shared and discussed with prominent Partners whose feedback is used to refine the research and further improve its impact and outcome.

The Knowledge Platforms

Over the years, these research projects have successfully generated many creative and synergic opportunities through the collaboration of different research teams, who have observed the same phenomena from different, yet complementary, analytical perspectives. This awareness led to the founding of SDA Bocconi's Knowledge Platforms. There are currently 6 platforms, each of which aggregates different Labs around common ideas, knowledge and research outcomes that may potentially lead to the development of synergies. These platforms represent the main themes to which the School contributes as a generator of relevant and impactful knowledge.

Discover the Knowledge Platforms of SDA Bocconi

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The Knowledge Platform in Arts, Sport, Entertainment and Culture coordinates all the research initiatives related to diverse fields where Italy stands out as a world champion.

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eSG - Excellence
In Sustainability & Governance

The Excellence in Sustainability and Governance - eSG Knowledge Platform and the Labs that are part of it focus on global challenges related to environmental, societal, and governance issues that lead businesses, international organizations, public institutions, and governments to rethink their future

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Health &
Life Sciences

Based on the rigorous analysis of reliable and verifiable data, the Health & Life Sciences Knowledge Platform produces evidence-based solutions to address the challenges and opportunities in the healthcare ecosystem at the national and international level.

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Humans at Work

The Humans at Work Knowledge Platform is focused on exploring all issues related to the transformation of the world of work in the digital age. The evolving relationship between employees and companies, particularly considering the effects of digital transformation on the workplace, is at the core of any analysis.

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Innovation and Transition

The Technology, Innovation and Transition Knowledge Platform aims to analyze how technology is impacting the evolution of sectors and of the practices and processes within organizations. Through the study of cross-sector data, the Labs that make up this platform provide companies with evidence and insights as they face the challenges of technological change and its impact on business processes and decisions.

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New Value

The New Value Knowledge Platform investigates how the creation, measurement, and disclosure of value are changing as organizations embrace sustainable practices and digitalization.

The Research Work

This extensive and rigorous research work, which is developed as a result of the synergies and virtuous circles that emerge between the Labs and the platforms, is the driving force behind the development of the School’s educational programs. One of its distinguishing features is that complex phenomena, dissemination activities, and skills development are inextricably linked. The result is a wide and varied range of educational opportunities aimed at providing companies with the skills and knowledge needed to respond to current and future challenges.