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CAVAZZA ROSSI M., Banks H., Ercolanoni M., Cukaj G., Bianchi G., Capri G., LONGO F. Factors influencing adherence to adjuvant endocrine therapy in breast cancer-treated women: using real-world data to inform a switch from acute to chronic disease management Breast Cancer Research And Treatment, 2020, vol.183, no. 1, pp.189-199
NOTARNICOLA E., BERLOTO S., LONGO F., PEROBELLI E., ROTOLO A. L'emergenza Covid-19 e l'impatto sul sistema assistenza anziani in Italia Mecosan, 2020, no. 113, pp.187-194
Cantarelli P., BELLÉ N., LONGO F. Exploring the motivational bases of public mission-driven professions using a sequential-explanatory design Public Management Review, 2020, vol.22, no. 10, pp.1535-1559
RICCI A., BARZAN E., LONGO F. How to identify the drivers of patient inter-regional mobility in beveridgean systems? Critical review and assessment matrix for policy design & managerial interventions Health Services Management Research, October, 2020
BERLOTO S., LONGO F., MEDA F. Le cure palliative in Italia: una fotografia del settore Mecosan, 2020, vol.116, no. 23, pp.89-111
NOTARNICOLA E., FOSTI G., FURNARI A., LONGO F., Fosti G. Long-term care coverage and its relationship with hospital care: Lessons from Italy on coordination among care-settings Health Services Management Research, 2020, vol.33, no. 4, pp.186-199

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