Remo Dalla Longa

Curriculum Vitae

Remo Dalla Longa is Associate Professor of Practice of Government, Health and Not for Profit at SDA Bocconi School of Management.
At SDA Bocconi, in 2014, he took part in the creation of Osservatorio di Ricerca - PREM (Public Real Estate Management) and, at present, he is Scientific Director. He was Coordinator of GePROPI (Specialization Certificate - Project and Process Management in Public Works – Infrastructures), Coordinator of Field project and of BEC (Business Excellence Certificate) and Scientific Coordinator of PREM Lab. (Osservatorio: Public Real Estate Management). He coordinated a significant amount of research for major Italian public bodies, international organizations and institutions (OECD, CE, Italian Government) and for different territorial configurations (Italian and Community regional bodies). He coordinated international projects on PPP.
Originally, with his research, he has contributed to introducing management and life cycle (CDV, LTC, assembly) for public works and infrastructure. His research activities focus on public works and infrastructure management; urban complex interventions management; Real Estate; construction companies; project management applied to the technical works (design, construction, BIM, etc.); facility management and global service; public private-partnership (PPP) and long-term contracts (LTC).
He is the author of many national and international monographs published by Carocci, Etas, Springer, Bancaria Editrice, among the most recent titles related to the issues he has dealt with: “Globalization and Urban Implosion”; Urban Models an Public-Private Partnership; La gestione del patrimonio immobiliare pubblico. Furthermore, essay and articles have been published in important national and international journals. Among his most recentbooks: “Il Public-Private Partnership: l’evoluzione Stato-mercato in opere pubbliche e infrastrutture”, Roma, Carocci, 2017. "Reorganisation of the Infrastructure Sector and New Forms of Financing", Milano, ISPI-LediPublishing, 2020.He is member of Governative Study Commission for the transposition of the EU Directives.He was a member of the Council of Ministers of the Technical Writing Table of the Public Contracts Code (CDCP - Legislative Decree 50/2016). Participate as a member of the LL.PP Superior Council.
Remo earned a Degree in Local Economy from Polytechnic University of Milan and a Ph.D. in Economy and Planning. He has been doing research at the University of New Castle Upon Tyne (UK).

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