Francesca Casalini

Government, Health and Not for Profit


Latest publications

VECCHI V., CASALINI F., CUSUMANO N., Leone V. M. Public Private Partnerships: Principles for Sustainable Contracts Palgrave Macmillan, , 2021
VECCHI V., CASALINI F., CUSUMANO N., Leone V. M. PPP in Health Care—Trending Toward a Light Model: Evidence From Italy Public Works Management & Policy, 2020, vol.25, no. 3, pp.244-258
CASALINI F., AMESTOY V. A. Economic Impact and the Arts: The Mistake of Narrow Thinking. in Managing cultural business: Avoiding Mistakes, Finding Success. Addis M., Rurale A. (Eds),Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, chap. 11, 2020
CASALINI F., VECCHI V. Le analisi economico-finanziarie per la valutazione e gestione di progetti di PPP. in Creare Partnership Pubblico Privato. Policy, Contratti e Metodologie V. Vecchi, V. Leone (Eds),Egea, chap. 8, pp.243-272, 2020
VECCHI V., CASALINI F. Is a social empowerment of PPP for investment delivery possible? Lessons from Social Impact Bonds Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, 2019, vol.90, no. 2, pp.353-369
CASALINI F., VECCHI V., Hellowell M. Issues and Trends in Project Finance for Public Infrastructure in Structured Finance. Techinques, Products and Market S. Caselli, S. Gatti (Eds),Springer, chap. 6, pp.127-152, 2017

Grants & Honors

Research Grant - European Investment Bank (EIB) , 2018

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