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#MINE Community

Your Community of Managerial Ideas, Networking and Events

One for all, and all for one. The famous motto lends itself to the birth of a new community of people who come from different backgrounds but are united by the same sense of belonging to the world of SDA Bocconi. We’re talking about #MINE, a place – and not just a virtual one – that unites those who have taken part in the School’s training activities. It gathers skills from all areas, and it will be filled with many topics.

Registration to #MINE is free of charge and has no expiration date for all those who have taken part in the School’s training programs.

#MINE aims to be an experience network, active not only online, but also, and most of all, face-to-face. To make this happen, each subject area will organize events on the most current and relevant topics within their field, attended by high-profile academic and corporate testimonials. These initiatives, which are exclusive for #MINE members, will be precious opportunities to meet, expand your knowledge, and exchange ideas with all the members.

Another great new feature is the increasingly close relationship with the “extended Bocconi family”. #MINE will also be open to Bocconi Alumni through the Bocconi Alumni Community – which includes graduates, faculty and managers from all levels and sectors, many of them at the top of companies and organizations around the world.

#MINE embodies SDA Bocconi’s effort to guarantee continuity to your professional and personal growth alongside many other travel companions. Our challenge remains the same: to enrich the wealth of our knowledge and to extend the SDA Bocconi network so as to share the finest managerial culture.


#MINE includes several topic areas to expand on new and different subjects, which could be useful for your professional growth or simply for your own intellectual curiosity.

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The new calendar of #MINE Events will be online soon.

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