Aleksandra Torbica

Government, Health and Not for Profit
Aleksandra Torbica
Associate Professor
Health Economics and HTA

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Latest publications

TARRICONE R., AMATUCCI F., ARMENI P., Banks H., BORSOI L., CALLEA G., CIANI O., COSTA F., FEDERICI C. B., TORBICA A., Marletta M. Establishing a national HTA program for medical devices in Italy: Overhauling a fragmented system to ensure value and equal access to new medical technologies Health Policy, 27 March, 2021
CIANI O., TORBICA A., TARRICONE R. Core Outcome Set in Surgical Oncology: Why, What and How to Measure in Volume-Outcome Relationship in Oncological Surgery Marco Montorsi (Eds),Springer International Publishing, pp.5-13, 2021
Daubner-Bendes R., Kovács S., Niewada M., Huic M., Drummond M., CIANI O., Blankart C. R., Mandrik O., TORBICA A., Yfantopoulos J., Petrova G., Holownia-Voloskova M., Taylor R. S., Al M., Piniazhko O., Lorenzovici L., TARRICONE R., Zemplényi A., Kaló Z. Quo Vadis HTA for Medical Devices in Central and Eastern Europe? Recommendations to Address Methodological Challenges Frontiers in Public Health, 2021, vol.8
Pongiglione Benedetta, TORBICA A., Gusmano Michael K Inequalities in avoidable hospitalisation in large urban areas: retrospective observational study in the metropolitan area of Milan BMJ Open, 2020, vol.10, no. 12, pp.e042424
Drummond M., TARRICONE R., TORBICA A. Should health technology assessment be more patient centric? If so, how? 2020, The European Journal Of Health Economics
TARRICONE R., TORBICA A., TOZZI V. Alcune riflessioni prima di tirare le somme Mecosan, 2020, vol.113, no. 1, pp.55-62

Grants & Honors

Modelling effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and promoting health care value in the real world. The Motive project - Progetti di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale (PRIN) - Ministero dell'Università e della Ricerca , 2019
COMED (Pushing the boundaries of Cost and Outcome Analysis of Medical Technologies) - European Commission , 2018
IQCE (Improving Quality of Care in Europe) - European Commission , 2017

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