Carlo Baldassarre Federici

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Latest publications

Iskandar R., FEDERICI C. B., Berns C., Blankart C. R. An approach to quantify parameter uncertainty in early assessment of novel health technologies Health Economics, 2022, vol.31, no. S1, pp.116-134
DRUMMOND M., FEDERICI C. B., Reckers-Droog V., TORBICA A., Blankart C. R., CIANI O., Kaló Z., Kovács S., Brouwer W. Coverage with evidence development for medical devices in Europe: Can practice meet theory? Health Economics, 2022, vol.31, no. S1, pp.179-194
FEDERICI C. B., Pecchia L. Exploring the misalignment on the value of further research between payers and manufacturers. A case study on a novel total artificial heart Health Economics, 2022, vol.31, no. S1, pp.98-115
Kovács S., Kaló Z., Daubner-Bendes R., Kolasa K., Hren R., Tesar T., Reckers-Droog V., Brouwer W., FEDERICI C. B., DRUMMOND M., Zemplényi A. T. Implementation of coverage with evidence development schemes for medical devices: A decision tool for late technology adopter countries Health Economics, 2022, vol.31, no. S1, pp.195-206
CALLEA G., FEDERICI C. B., FREDDI R., TARRICONE R. Recommendations for the design and implementation of an Early Feasibility Studies program for medical devices in the European Union Expert Review of Medical Devices, 2022, vol.19, no. 4, pp.315-325
Stokes K., Castaldo R., FEDERICI C. B., Pagliara S., Maccaro A., Cappuccio F., Fico G., Salvatore M., Franzese M., Pecchia L. The use of artificial intelligence systems in diagnosis of pneumonia via signs and symptoms: A systematic review Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, February, 2022, vol.72, Part A, pp.103325

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