Carlo Baldassarre Federici

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Latest publications

FORNARO G., FEDERICI C. B., ROGNONI C., CIANI O. Broadening the Concept of Value: A Scoping Review on the Option Value of Medical Technologies Value In Health, 2021, vol.24, no. 7, pp.1045-1058
TARRICONE R., AMATUCCI F., ARMENI P., Banks H., BORSOI L., CALLEA G., CIANI O., COSTA F., FEDERICI C. B., TORBICA A., Marletta M. Establishing a national HTA program for medical devices in Italy: Overhauling a fragmented system to ensure value and equal access to new medical technologies Health Policy, 27 March, 2021
FEDERICI C. B., FORNARO G., Roehr C. C. Cost-saving effect of early less invasive surfactant administration versus continuous positive airway pressure therapy alone for preterm infants with respiratory distress syndrome European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy, 2021, pp.ejhpharm-2020-002465
FEDERICI C. B., Reckers-Droog V., CIANI O., Dams F., Grigore B., Kaló Z., Kovács S., Shatrov K., Brouwer W., DRUMMOND M. Coverage with evidence development schemes for medical devices in Europe: characteristics and challenges The European Journal Of Health Economics, 2021
Drummond M., FEDERICI C. B., Busink E., Apel C., Kendzia D., Brouwer W. Performance-based risk-sharing agreements in renal care: current experience and future prospects Expert Review Of Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research, 5 March, 2021, pp.1-13
Grigore B., CIANI O., Dams F., FEDERICI C. B., de Groot S., Möllenkamp M., Rabbe S., Shatrov K., Zemplenyi A., Taylor R. S. Surrogate Endpoints in Health Technology Assessment: An International Review of Methodological Guidelines Pharmacoeconomics, 2020, vol.38, no. 10, pp.1055-1070

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