From the Classroom to the Real World and Back

Internationally recognized as leaders in their areas of specialization, the Executive Master in Marketing & Sales faculty brings years of experience in marketing and sales to the classroom. The work of the EMMS faculty is grounded in:

  • Research, aimed at testing theories and acquiring new knowledge
  • Publishing, vital to spreading acquired knowledge
  • Teaching, with the goal of educating future top managers
  • Consultancy, the ultimate test of the effectiveness of theories and models in the real world
Paola Cillo, EMMS Faculty with Antonio Bosio, Head of Business Development at Samsung during a lesson of “Marketing Creativity and Innovation” at EMMS 15.

Directors and Team

The EMMS Directors represent love of teaching, dedication to business, and devotion to a high quality of life, all of which characterize the program's faculty.

Marco Aurelio Sisti

"The EMMS is a winning learning experience for forward-thinking managers who are really devoted to achieving marketing and sales excellence in dynamic, challenging business environments."

Co-Director SDA Bocconi
Ferran Blanch

“EMMS is for movers and shakers in Marketing and Sales ready to challenge themselves in an intensive learning journey to become changemakers in their companies”.

Co-Director Esade

EMMS Faculty

Alessandro Arbore
SDA Professor of Practice
Marketing Management
Ferran Blanch
Esade Professor
EMMS Co-Director
Sandro Castaldo
SDA Full Professor
Channel & Retail
Paola Cillo
SDA Associate Professor
Andres Cuneo
Esade Professor
teacher of Brand Management
Ioannis Evangelidis
Esade Professor
teacher of Big Data Analysis
Marta Gabarrò
Esade Professor
teacher of Marketing Research
Paolo Guenzi
SDA Associate Professor
David Jarach
SDA Senior Lecturer
Marketing Management
Lluis Martinez-Ribes
Esade Professor
teacher of Going to the Market
Joan Massons
Esade Professor
teacher of Finance for Marketing & Sales
Laura Colm
SDA researcher
Emanuela Prandelli
SDA Associate Professor
Digital Marketing
Fabrizio Zerbini
SDA Professor of practice
Marketing Management
Davide Reina
SDA Senior Lecturer
Susana Valdes
Esade Professor
Jaime Castello'
Esade Professor
Alexis Mavrommatis
Esade Professor
Josep Franch
Esade Professor
Ignacio Guitart
Esade Professor
Franc Carreras
Esade Professor
Luis Soldevila
Esade Professor
teacher of Digital Enablers Courses and of CRM and Business Intelligence

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