Executive Master in Marketing & Sales.
In partnership with Esade

  • Mar 2021 Next Start
  • 13 Months Duration
  • English Language
  • Executive
  • 10 years Avg. working
  • Milano, Madrid,


Get more juice from your talent.

Three different cities – Milano, Barcelona, Madrid – for a unique and specialized part-time program of study in marketing and sales. This is the Executive Master in Marketing & Sales (EMMS) by SDA Bocconi and Esade , running over 13 months and taught entirely in English. The executive format of the program means that traditional classes are combined with distance learning sessions, allowing you to work and study at the same time and to put into practice what you learn through a business project. 


EMMS Perspectives
EMMS Perspectives

EMMS Experience


Who is it for?

Emms is the right master for you if:

  • You are a forward-thinking marketing and sales executive and want to challenge yourself in an intense learning journey and become a change agent in your company.
  • You wish to strengthen your knowledge of sales and marketing in an international context
  • You want to progress further in your career without taking time out to study
  • You want to be able to apply immediately what you have learned
  • You are interested in developing networking opportunities in the international market

Are you ready to start your EMMS journey?

Why choose us?


Experience 2 top ranked Schools - SDA Bocconi and Esade - with connections worldwide

2. Study in 3 dynamic and innovative cities

Located in Milano, Barcelona and Madrid, locations that top anyone’s list of exciting, innovative centers of commerce, the EMMS flavor is distinctly international, with a touch of Mediterranean style.

3. Combine learning and practice

Its modular structure allows you to take leave from your company for limited periods and to apply the new insights immediately in your workplace.

4. An intensive and All-rounded Program

Experience a successful blended learning model part-time commitment, mixing 50% distance learning sessions with 50% face-to-face sessions.

5. A network two times bigger

Emms participants develop an international professional network second to none - being Alumni from two prestigious international Business Schools, they enhance their worldwide reach.



In partnership with Esade Business School


Milano, Barcelona, Madrid for a unique and specialized part-time program

~ 20

From SDA Bocconi, Esade and other international Business Schools


Distance Learning modules 


31 people from 28 countries


Field Projects


The EMMS class (average last two editions)




Countries Represented


Average Work Experience


Average Age

“In the last 10 years we have been running this outstanding Master and a great team of academics, professionals, leading thinkers, and companies who will enable you to boost your managerial growth in all fields of excellence. From innovative market analysis and marketing visioning, to deep strategic planning and sharp, effective execution.”

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Marco Aurelio Sisti
EMMS Director
Michele Quintano
EMMS Director

What they say about us

In EMMS I found the right program to expand my knowledge in Marketing and Sales. It gave me the right tools to better understand market dynamics and brand strategies.

Loredana Carcarino - Italian
EMMS 2019
Senior Product Development Manager, Procter and Gamble

I worked in the Marketing field for a long time but after many years I found myself drained - until I joined the EMMS program. I was greatly immersed in the solid theories of brilliant professors and investigated real business cases in diverse industries. The most distinguishing part of the program was that it combines both marketing and sales management. I was able to understand the strategic integration between both sides. This program gave me deeper professional knowledge and a broader career jump. Finally, yet importantly, I got to know many talented peers; intensive discussions of all different aspects really stimulated a lot of sparks in my job. Joining this program was the best choice I ever made and it gave me many opportunities to connect Asia with Europe.

Ling YI Yang - Taiwanese
EMMS 2020
Brand Manager of Product Department - HAPPYHAIR, HAPPY RECOME Group, Taiwan

Meet the EMMS

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Personalized Orientation

The Director and the Recruiting & Admissions team will be happy to arrange an individual orientation meeting at school to answer your questions and give you personalized advice.

We can also do this remotely by phone or Skype.

Write to md@sdabocconi.it to arrange your time slot.


SDA Bocconi organizes events and meetings throughout the year, both online and offline, where you can interact with directors, faculty, alumni, and staff.


    The challenges imposed gobally by COVID-19 have turned our face-to-face event program into a multifaceted series of virtual meetings. We are here to assure you of our ongoing presence throughout this crisis and provide you with customized information and support.
    You will find details here for all our virtual meeting initiatives. Stay at home, we will reach out to you.

Contact us for more information, to arrange a meeting, request to visit the school, or attend a class.

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