Sandro Castaldo

Marketing and Sales


Latest publications

CASTALDO S., BERTOLI G., CILLO P., TROILO G., VERONA G. (Eds.) Innovazione e Management. Omaggio a Salvio Vicari Egea, Milano, Italy, 2022
GROSSO M., CASTALDO S., Li H., Larivière B. What Information Do Shoppers Share? The Effect of Personnel-, Retailer-, and Country-Trust on Willingness to Share Information Journal of Retailing, 2020, vol.96, no. 4, pp.524-547
TENCATI A., CASTALDO S., MISANI N. A Qualified Account of Supererogation: Toward a Better Conceptualization of Corporate Social Responsibility Business Ethics Quarterly, 2020, vol.30, no. 2, pp.250-272
CASTALDO S., GROSSO M., PREMAZZI K. Retail and Channel Marketing. 2nd edition Edward Elgar Publishing, Great Britain, 2020
CASTALDO S., GROSSO M. An empirical investigation to improve information sharing in online settings: a multi-target comparison in Handbook of research on retailing techniques for optimal consumer engagement and experiences Musso Fabio, Druica Elena (Eds),IGI Global, pp.355-379, 2020
GROSSO M., CASTALDO S., GREWAL A. How store attributes impact shoppers’ loyalty in emerging countries: An investigation in the Indian retail sector Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 2018, vol.40, pp.117-124

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