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EMMS Class

Paolo Guenzi

Associate Professor of Marketing and Sales

EMMS Class - Consultative Selling and Value Selling - Paolo Guenzi
EMMS Class - Consultative Selling and Value Selling - Paolo Guenzi
A Varied and Strongly Motivated Class

The EMMS class stands out for the variety of countries, industries, and job positions represented. But the participants are united by their great passion and motivation towards marketing and sales, and a strong determination to be world-class professionals in this field.


Class Profile

The EMMS experience of De Sena Martini

The EMMS experience of De Sena Martini
The EMMS experience of De Sena Martini

The EMMS experience of María Cecilia Afonso de Siqueira

The EMMS experience of María Cecilia Afonso de Siqueira​
The EMMS experience of María Cecilia Afonso de Siqueira​


Students and Alumni are the best testimonials of how EMMS helps leverage participants' attitudes and knowledge. Thanks to their experience and professional positions, they complement the guidance and information given by the Director and the Recruiting Team.

"EMMS provided me with the knowledge I was looking for: it’s a unique experience that gives you the possibility to see and combine marketing and sales and get the best from both. Up to now I got a 360-degree overview of how all these aspects work together."

Mohammad Aljasem - Kuwaiti
EMMS 2020
Marketing Responsible Q8Oils Italy


Ambassadors are international students that volunteer to act as advisors helping prospects finalize their decision. We encourage you to connect with our student Ambassadors who will be happy to provide useful advice and answer your questions.

"As I have dedicated most of my career to B2B sales, I was searching for a Master program that could provide a deeper understanding of Sales Management and its contemporary approach, and could broaden my knowledge in Marketing Management. EMMS enhanced my knowledge in both fields by providing me a wider set of tools and skills and the foundation for bigger challenges in my career. In addition, the networking and learning experiences in a multi-cultural environment were fantastic. The value brought by the faculty, structure of the program, peer-to-peer interaction and reputation of SDA Bocconi and ESADE business schools make me confident today that I made the right decision to join EMMS."

Thiago Granado Franco - Brazilian
EMMS 2019
Commercial Manager South America - Rousselot

Your Experience

Alumni Associations

Bocconi Community has over 114,000 alumni, with 16,000 alumni coming from SDA Bocconi. This dynamic network of people based in more than 110 countries is an invaluable asset. Through the alumni network, you can access a wealth of experience and knowledge, and build strong and lasting relationships.


Esade Alumni Association has more than 60,000 alumni who are also a fundamental part of our international network. 10 000 alumni live and work outside Spain in a network spanning 115 countries. The Esade Alumni Association is extending the network by developing 32 chapters and local offices in 30 countries around the globe.

Life in Milano, Barcelona, Madrid

Studying and living in Milano, Barcelona and Madrid means the best mix of culture, leisure, people, and places. Three international dynamic centers will be your campus – three cities in the heart of European business, financial capitals and innovation hubs, with a great potential for contacts and careers.


We recognize that in today’s world women need to occupy a more prominent role in business and have greater access to leadership roles.As a strong believer in gender equality and the importance of women’s contribution to the business world, SDA Bocconi is committed to promoting the professional development of women.

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