All the Requirements to Join the EMMS Class

All the requirements for admission to the EMMS and the selection process are designed to ensure a strong integration between the program and your specific objectives.


You are required to have:

  • A university degree (BA degree or equivalent) in any discipline
  • Be at least 27 years old
  • Minimum 4 years of professional experience (not necessarily in Marketing or Sales)
  • Fluency in English. If your mother tongue is not English you are required to submit a TOEFL, IELTS, PTE or CPE


Application Deadline

20 February 2024

Early bird Fee’s Application Deadline

II round:
13 November 2023

Tuition Waivers' Application deadlines:

1st round:
30 September 2023

2nd round:
18 January 2024

We invite you to apply on time.

What we need from you

The application must also be accompanied by:

  • Photo to be uploaded to the online application
  • Copy of your passport or ID
  • Payment of EUR 120 admissions fee (using the special form within the application form)

How to Apply

The online application from is available exclusively online and must be completed with accurate and precise information regarding your personal and professional experiences and your reasons for attending the program. Please, fill it out and submit it through our website and upload all required documents to the “Documents” section of your online application.

You can verify the arrival of your application and confirm that full documentation has been received through our application website.

The online application will be available until 20th February 2024.

Kindly notice the application portal is an independent system, therefore your SDA Bocconi website ( credentials are not to be used. Please proceed with a new registration.

For further clarification on individual applications, please contact the Admissions Service.

SDA Bocconi, Masters Division

Recruiting and Admissions Service - EMMS

Phone: +39 02 5836 3214


We Look for Highly Motivated Candidates

The EMMS admission process is rigorous and designed not only to determine if you are suitable for the program, but also if the program will meet your expectations and your career goals.

Admission Process

Applications are examined on a rolling basis and those received well in advance of the deadline have a greater chance of being admitted. Therefore, it is in your best interest to submit your application as early as possible.                                                                    

As soon as the selection process is completed you will receive a formal letter from the Admissions Service, which will inform you of the admission decision. The results are never communicated by telephone.

The selection process will yield one of the following results:


  • Admission: If you are accepted, alongside the official admission notice you will receive a participation contract.
    If all available places are occupied, the school may decide to put you on a waiting list or offer you admission for the following year.
    Admission to the program is valid for the year the application is submitted. However, you can request deferment for the following year, but approval of deferment is on a case-by-case decision by the Admissions Committee.


  • Non-Admission: Admission to the program is highly selective. The selection process assesses the profile of the individual candidate while taking into account the composition of the EMMS class, which must be consistent with the quality and diversity the school requires. While we are aware of the deep commitment all candidates must make to go through the selection process, the school does not provide further clarifications to non-admitted candidates.


Upon confirmation of your admission, you will receive an enrollment form that must be completed, signed and uploaded to MyApplication by the deadline indicated in the admission’s letter. To complete the enrollment process, you have to make the first tuition payment.

In some cases (more frequently for extra UE students), if admitted, you may also be required to send by land mail the official/original or certified degree certificate/transcript.

Tuition Fees

The total fee for the program EMMS 18th is € 39,000  to be paid in four installments:

First Installment

€ 10.000
due at registration (non-refundable deposit fee)

Second Installment

€ 10.000
by 31 March 2024

Third Installment

by 31 May 2024

Fourth Installment

€9.000 (€5.000**)
by 30 November 2024

* An “early bird fee” of € 35,000 will be granted to candidates that have been admitted and have paid the deposit fee before 13th November 2023
**For "Early Birds"

The fees include:

  • All teaching material used during the program
  • Access to both schools’ facilities
  • Catering (coffee breaks and lunches) during face-to-face modules 

The tuition does not include travel and accommodation expenses.

Payment Methods:

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit Card

Early Bird Fee

SDA Bocconi offers an Early Bird Fee of € 35,000 for EMMS (full program fee: €39,000). 

The criteria for the early bird are the following: 

  • Have completed the selection process; 
  • Have been admitted by Recruiting&Admissions to the upcoming edition of the Master Program; 
  • Have paid the first deposit fee of € 10,000 on acceptance of your admission to the Master Program.

All these requirements have to be completed before 13th November 2023. We invite you to apply on time.


Scholarships and Tuition Waivers

Each year multiple scholarships and tuition waivers are available for outstanding candidates, thanks to the ongoing support of companies, other organizations, as well as our alumni and current students.

Applications for tuition waivers are evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Analysis of the requirements indicated in the specific notice of competition
  • Analysis of academic and professional records
  • Results of the EMMS selection process


To be eligible for a tuition waiver, applicants must:

  • Have the pre-requisites for the tuition waiver
  • Have sent the application to the EMMS 18th Edition Program
  • Upload the tuition waiver motivational letter.


All candidates who meet the requirements can apply to the tuition waivers.
Candidates can apply to the scholarship/tuition waivers even though their selection process is still in progress.
Admission to the program is independent of the awarding of any scholarship or tuition waiver.

The tuition waiver is not compatible with the “early bird fee”. Candidates enrolled by November 13th 2023 but deciding to compete for the tuition waiver (if awarded with it) will lose the right to the early bird fee.


Tuition Waivers EMMS 18th Edition

Loans & Funding

The School assists candidates with their search for funding by supplying the necessary documentation and encouraging them to explore all scholarship and loan possibilities. SDA Bocconi provides opportunities for low-interest loans to admitted students (International studentsItalian students), thanks to agreements with partner banks. Loan applications must be submitted by the end of month that follows your Master starting date.

Furthermore, the University provides international students with information about possible sources for financing in several countries. For further information, please visit the Università Bocconi website.

Funding for International Students

Recruiting & Admissions Service

A whole team of experts is here to assist you during your decision process: our recruiting people will be meeting you during our events in Italy and abroad; a team of professionals will then assess and select your profile and also guide you throughout your admissions process.

Rossana Camera

Head of Recruiting & Admissions Service

Giorgia Bava

Recruiting Coordinator

Fabrice Charlot
Priscilla Gatto
Tyler Henderson
Valentina Mardegan
Paula Rotaru
Marta Tettamanti
Summer Wu
Mario Adamo
Asia Dossi
Tamara Kolundzija
Giusy Marchesano
Viviana Puricelli
Giulia Rivino
Elena Ruffinazzi
Lorenzo Starita
International Student Care
Francesca Roveda

If you want to learn more about our International Student Care service, click here.

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