Laura Colm

Marketing and Sales


Latest publications

COLM L., ORDANINI A. Forgiare il Futuro. L'effectuation Theory e il Percorso Imprenditoriale di Loccioni Egea, Milano, Italy, 2021
COLM L., ORDANINI A. Facing Supply Chain Disruptions: Strategies to Ensure Relational Continuity in The Impact of COVID-19 on Supply Chain Management Richard Wilding (Eds),Proud Pen, chap. 4, pp.55-72, 2021
COLM L., ORDANINI A., Bornemann T. Dynamic Governance Matching in Solution Development Journal of Marketing, 2020, vol.84, no. 1, pp.105-124
COLM L., ORDANINI A., Parasuraman A. When Service Customers Do Not Consume in Isolation Journal of Service Research, 2017, vol.20, no. 3, pp.223-239
COLM L., CARÙ A. Two faces of the same coin: how the interplay between organizational and territorial culture builds the concept of service culture Mercati e Competitività, 2016, no. 3, pp.87-109
CARÙ A., COLM L., Cova B. Innovating Services Through Experiences: An Investigation of Servicescape’s Pivotal Role in Service Innovation Marja Toivonen (Eds),Springer Japan, pp.149-170, 2016

Grants & Honors

Teaching Award - Graduate School - Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi , 2021

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