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The consolidated and international reputation of SDA Bocconi for excellence in the management of fashion and design makes the MAFED a privileged gateway to these industries. This is also due to the MAFED faculty, composed of teachers with a deep knowledge and experience developed over years not only of teaching and research, but also of consulting with the leading companies in these sectors. In addition, the MAFED also employs top executives and professionals who bring their business expertise into the classroom during the courses and seminars, and thus firmly attach this Master program to the business world.

Director and Team

MAFED Faculty

Massimo Aielli
Accounting and Control
Giorgio Brandazza
Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Carlo Alberto Carnevale Maffè
Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Erica Corbellini
Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Iolanda D'Amato
Operations and Technology
Mikkel Draebye
Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Fabrice Leclerc
Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Gabriella Lojacono
Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Beatrice Manzoni
Leadership, Organization and Human Resources
Elisabetta Marafioti
Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Federico Pippo
Corporate Finance and Real Estate
Emanuela Prandelli
Marketing and Sales
Annalisa Prencipe
Accounting and Control
Davide Reina
Marketing and Sales
Francesca Romanda Rinaldi
Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Stefania Saviolo
Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Marco Aurelio Sisti
Marketing and Sales
Renata Trinca Colonel
Decision Sciences and Business Analytics
Paola Varacca
Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Markus Venzin
Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Vittoria Veronesi
Operations and Technology

Professional Faculty

  • Ornella Bignami
    Elementi Moda, Milano

  • Fabio d’Angelantonio
    Loro Piana 

  • Tomaso Galli
    Brand Management Consultant

  • Barbara Giannelli
    Studio Giannelli, Milano

  • Andreina Longhi
    Attila Communication Agency, Milano

  • Guido Prato Previde
    Decathlon Consulting, Milano

  • Caterina Rivadossi
    f-Cube, Milano

  • Laura Santanera
    Diesel, Verona

  • Donatella Zappieri
    Jewelry Art Direction and Brand Consultant

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