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Emanuela Prandelli

MAFED Director


Guest Speaker

Laura Milani, Head of Luxury Partnerships for Facebook and Instagram at Facebook Italy

MAFED Class - The role of social networks in enhancing customer relationship management opportunities
MAFED Class - The role of social networks in enhancing customer relationship management opportunities
Build a Solid Career in a Fast-Moving Business World

The program’s structure is highly interdisciplinary. The strong partnership between SDA Bocconi and the business community is to ensure a perfect fusion of art, craftsmanship, and science, which is the essence of fashion and design.


The MAFED program offers you general management courses and specialized courses in fashion, design, and experience management, field projects, and advanced seminars. If you do not have a business background, you can attend preliminary courses before the start of the program. At the end of the program you will have a solid understanding of business planning, marketing, and control tools, and you will be able to apply advanced product, brand, and retail management techniques in a fast-moving and global business environment.


20th edition 2021-2022


If you don’t have a business background, your program starts early, with pre-courses on the basics of management, accounting, and quantitative methods.

Nov 2020

Mar 2021


At the beginning of the program we offer you general concepts, methods, and tools about management, but with a specific orientation to fashion and design companies. Then we will deal with key management processes in companies where fashion, design, and experience are the product / value.

Apr 2021

July 2021


Now is the time to start developing your core skills for the world of fashion and design. In these courses you will tackle subjects such as digital strategy, customer relationship management, or retailing, with the support of some leading players in these markets.

Sep 2021


In the last part of the MAFED your goal will be to get ready to enter the professional world. Therefore it is necessary to explore more advanced and specific topics.

Oct 2021

Dec 2021


To tell whether learning is being effective, it is always necessary to test it in the field. In-company group projects have this function and cover several corporate aspects and functions (brand positioning, pricing, entry into new markets, etc.).

Dec 2021

Mar 2022

Learning Model

MAFED requires a full-time commitment. The lecture calendar includes 3 morning sessions lasting an hour and a half each, plus on certain days the lectures will extend into the afternoon. Your learning is guaranteed by an advanced and participatory teaching method that includes lectures, exercises, and guest speaker sessions.

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Develop the 5 Basic Skills for Your Professional Growth

Designed by the SDA Bocconi Career Services in collaboration with the Program Director and the school’s Center for Assessment & Development, the MAFED Career Curriculum is a learning path that helps you develop the 5 basic skills needed for your professional growth. It includes a variety of mandatory activities, at individual and class levels, scheduled during the academic year.

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