Career Management Program

The MAFED cares about your professional future and wants to support you also in preparing your career development with the Career Management Program (CARM), a dynamic meeting point for cultures and opportunities that offers you advice and dedicated services.

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Career Paths

Envision diverse career paths for your professional journey after MAFED based on the experience of our previous graduates.


Define your vocation and steer your professional adventure in the way you desire.

Develop the 5 Basic Skills for Your Professional Growth

Designed by the SDA Bocconi Career Services in collaboration with the Program Director and the school’s Center for Assessment & Development, the MAFED Career Curriculum is a learning path that helps you develop the 5 basic skills needed for your professional growth. It includes a variety of mandatory activities, at individual and class levels, scheduled during the academic year.

Great Opportunities for Companies

Our graduates have an in-depth knowledge and passion for fashion- and design- based industries. MAFED trains young professionals for the most-sought-after positions in areas such as merchandising, product management, branding, retail and store management, business development, licensing, communication, and PR.


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Meet the Team

We are a team of skilled professionals with diverse backgrounds – consulting, academia, headhunting, industrial – and a common passion to promote students' personal and professional development and help recruiters find the right talent for their business needs.

Cinzia Palenzona
MAFED Career Advisor
Oriana Ghinato
Internship and Coaching
Alumni Engagement
Francesco Ausania

Participants & Alumni Engagement and Student Clubs

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