Francesca Romana Rinaldi

Strategy and Operations


Latest publications

RINALDI F. R., TESTA S. L'impresa moda responsabile. Nuove strategie per le catene del valore sostenibili e circolari. II Ed. Egea, Milano, Italy, 2022
RINALDI F. R., Di Bernardino C., Cram-Martos V., Pisani M. T. Traceability and transparency: enhancing sustainability and circularity in garment and footwear Sustainability: Science, Practice and Policy, 2022, vol.18, no. 1, pp.132-141
Campopiano G., RINALDI F. R., Sciascia S., De Massis A. Family and non-family women on the board of directors: Effects on corporate citizenship behavior in family-controlled fashion firms Journal of Cleaner Production, 2019, vol.214, pp.41-51
RINALDI F. R. Fashion Industry 2030 : reshaping the future through sustainability and responsible innovation Bocconi University Press - BUP, Milano, Italy, 2019
LUNGHI C., RINALDI F. R., TURINETTO M. (Eds.) What's fashion? it's method! Bocconi University Press - BUP, Milano, Italy, 2018
Campopiano G., De Massis A., RINALDI F. R., Sciascia S. Women’s involvement in family firms: Progress and challenges for future research Journal of Family Business Strategy, 2017, vol.8, no. 4, pp.200-212

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