Chiara Piancatelli

Marketing and Sales


Latest publications

PIANCATELLI C., MASSI M., MANDELLI A. Nuove logiche e traiettorie di crescita dell’advertising Economia & Management, 2022, no. 1, pp.85-93
PIANCATELLI C., Massi M., Vocino A. #artoninstagram: Engaging with art in the era of the selfie International Journal of Market Research, 2020
PIANCATELLI C., MASSI M., HARRISON P. Has Art Lost Its Aura? How Reintermediation and Decoupling Have Changed the Rules of the Art Game: The Case of Artvisor International Journal of Arts Management, 2020, vol.22, no. 3, pp.34-54
PIANCATELLI C., Massi M., Vocino A. The role of atmosphere in Italian museums: effects on brand perceptions and visitor behavioral intentions Journal of Strategic Marketing, 2020, pp.1-21
PIANCATELLI C., CUADRADO M., MION DALLE CARBONARE P. Balenciaga, the Master of Haute Couture in The Artification of Luxury Fashion Brands : Synergies, Contaminations, and Hybridizations Marta Massi , Alex Turrini (Eds),Palgrave Macmillan, chap. 6, 2020
MASSI M., OLIVIERI M., PIANCATELLI C. Cultura alta o cultura bassa bassa? Un’indagine sui consumi culturali degli immigrati in Italia in Immigrati e consumi in Italia. I consumi come fattore di integrazione e acculturation R.Fiocca, C.Cantù (Eds),Franco Angeli, pp.154-168, 2020

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