Chiara Piancatelli

Marketing and Sales


Latest publications

MANDELLI A., ARBORE A., PIANCATELLI C. Storie, Relazioni e Business: Social Media Marketing nell'era delle piattaforme Egea, Milano, Italy, 2022
PIANCATELLI C., SOSCIA I. Le ricerche per la definizione e il controllo della comunicazione di massa in Ricerche di Marketing. Metodologie e tecniche per le decisioni strategiche e operative di marketing - II Ed. L. Molteni, G. Troilo (Eds),Egea, chap. 14, pp.549-586, 2022
PIANCATELLI C., MASSI M., MANDELLI A. Nuove logiche e traiettorie di crescita dell’advertising Economia & Management, 2022, no. 1, pp.85-93
PIANCATELLI C., Massi M., Vocino A. #artoninstagram: Engaging with art in the era of the selfie International Journal of Market Research, 2021, vol.63, no. 2, pp.134-160
PIANCATELLI C., Massi M., Vocino A. The role of atmosphere in Italian museums: effects on brand perceptions and visitor behavioral intentions Journal of Strategic Marketing, 2021, vol.29, no. 6, pp.546-566
CARÙ A., MION DALLE CARBONARE P., OSTILLIO M. C., PIANCATELLI C. The Impact of Technology on Visitor Immersion in Art Exhibitions: Evidence from the Modigliani Art Experience exhibition in Digital Transformation in the Cultural and Creative Industries. Production, Consumption and Entrepreneurship in the Digital and Sharing Economy Marta Massi, Marilena Vecco, Yi Lin (Eds),Routledge, chap. 2, 2021

Grants & Honors

Best Paper Award for the paper “Authentic Omnichannel: Providing Consumers with a Seamless Brand Experience through Authenticity” (co-Authors M.Massi, A.Vocino) – 2022 AMS Psychology and Marketing Special Awards, Omni-Channel and Supply Chain Management Tracks, Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference in Monterey - May 25-27, 2022 , 2022

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This program aims to illustrate the possibilities of digital advertising through discussing management models and introducing best practices.