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At SDA Bocconi School of Management, we go beyond conventional managerial knowledge, connecting students with top-notch inspirational leaders and iconic brands. The Career Development Center plays a key role in supporting employer branding strategies, to enhance your presence on campus and virtually, to help you target and select the best candidates, for short-term projects as well as full-time job opportunities. Our programs offer students new perspectives and ample networking opportunities through seminars, leadership series and extra-curricular and club activities to connect them with the best companies to work for! We support companies of all sizes, whether large corporates or scaling start-ups, from all sectors and geographies, tailoring your campus experience to your talent acquisition needs.


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Sabyne Moras

Head of Career Development Center

Our Students - Your Candidates

Recruit talent from SDA Bocconi


Regardless of their industry, size, geography, or growth phase, the CDC works together with firms to find the best employer branding strategy and to promote internships and job opportunities across the year.


Companies can greatly enhance their employer brand quality and visibility with different sponsorship opportunities: sponsor a full or partial scholarship and select a suitable candidate in collaboration with the Admissions Office, support Club initiatives or other extra-curricular activities such as round tables, business presentations, workshops, inter-school competitions, sports events, charity events, and cultural initiatives.

  • CDC Career Portal

    After registering on our online portal, recruiters can post a job, search the CV database, collect candidates’ applications, or email them directly, with or without the CDC support.

  • Job postings

    The CDC coordinates job-postings, publishes job offers, and supports companies in the interview and selection processes.

  • Company Visits

    The CDC organizes experiential trips with selected groups of students to visit companies on their premises.

  • Company Presentations and networking events

    Held during dedicated afternoon slots and followed by a recruiting process for internships or full time positions.

  • Career Café

    Participate in informal interview processes with pre-selected candidates, on Campus or virtullay.

  • Individual Internships and Group Projects

    3-6 months internships and projects, typically from June onwards, aim at testing candidates on strategic business problems present in their organizations, and for students to apply their professional and personal skills.

  • Student Club Activities

    A great way to work directly with students and participate in a round table or seminar to discuss specific business issues.

  • In-classroom Business Case Discussions

    Company executives partner with the MBA Faculty to challenge the class with real-life business problems.

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We are a team of international professionals with background in consulting, headhunting, human resources, education, learning and development, with a common passion to promote students' personal and professional development, providing recruiters with the support to find right talent for their business needs.

Sabyne Moras
Head of Career Development Center
Francesco Ausania
Participants & Alumni Engagement Manager
Angela Bova
Industrial Goods
Simone Consonni
Exchange Program
Student Clubs

Learning & Development
Oriana Ghinato
Internship and Coaching
Program Coordinator
Renato Giliberti
Strategy and Boutique Consulting
Daniela Leone
Tech / E-business
Alfredo Llovet
Financial Services
Sports Management
Cinzia Palenzona
Luxury, Arts,
Retail and Fashion and Cosmetics
Fmcg and Travel
Chiara Robecchi
Executive MBA Career Advisor
Giulia Zangrandi
Executive MBA Career Advisor
Alumni Career Development