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Master in Management per la Sanità

  • Jan 2022 Next Start
  • 12 Months Duration
  • Italian Language
  • Full-Time Format
  • 2 years Avg. working
  • Milano Where

La tua chiave d’accesso in Sanità.

The Master in Healthcare Management (MiMS) is a one-year program designed for people who wish to develop managerial skills that are specific and relevant to today’s healthcare industry.

Through a combination of lectures, case studies, role playing and visits to healthcare institutions, the program will provide you with a firm understanding of the structure and frameworks of the Italian healthcare industry. In addition, you will acquire operational managerial skills and develop the ability to assist policy-makers in the drafting and implementation of effective healthcare policies.

The broad reach of the program ensures that you will possess the right skills and experience to bring innovation and added value to any area of the healthcare industry. Graduates from the program typically work in public and private healthcare organizations, health departments within local government, suppliers of goods and services for the healthcare industry, research centers, training centers and consultancy firms.

Ideal candidate profile
  • University degree (in any subject)
  • Some years of working experience
  • Fluency in Italian
  • Computer literacy


Why choose MiMS?

SDA Bocconi is regarded as a leading School in the field of healthcare management and historically graduates from this program have found employment in job functions highly relevant to their studies within a short period of time.
If you are interested in a career in healthcare management and want a program that offers specialized and integrated training, combined with the opportunity to access a strong network of industry professionals, MiMS is the program for you.



Il mio MiMS in 1 minuto - Mirko Cristofori

Il mio MiMS in 1 minuto - Laura Soro


Key Facts




in healthcare


found a new job 1 year after Graduation


“MiMS is the place where new ideas are born. By looking at current issues in the modern healthcare system the program encourages participating to generate ideas and trains them to face new challenges.”

Valeria Tozzi
MiMS Director

Le parole chiave del percorso MiMS sono: competenza, innovatività e network, sia personale che professionale. Il MiMS, infatti, non fornisce soltanto conoscenze inerenti il sistema sanitario e le aziende farmaceutiche, ma soprattutto consente di acquisire competenze concrete per creare valore nelle diverse realtà lavorative

Valentina Palmerini
MiMS 2020
Marketing Cardiovascular Intern presso Amgen

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