Change together, lead with impact.

Next Start 09 Sep 2024
Duration 12-15 months
Language English
Format Full-Time
Avg. working
6 years
Where Milano

At SDA Bocconi, we believe in the power of transformation and impact. Our Full-Time MBA program, guided by the motto "Change Together, Lead with Impact" empowers you to unlock your potential for greatness. Embrace change fearlessly, harnessing it as a catalyst for innovation and personal growth.


With a focus on collaboration and diversity, in an intimate and welcoming environment, you'll thrive in a close-knit setting where your unique perspective converges with others, forging lifelong connections and strong networks. You will nurture exceptional leadership skills and inspire others to excel, leaving a lasting impact on your organization and the community. Together, we will drive positive change that goes beyond the bottom line, creating a more sustainable and prosperous future for all. 


Our Full-time MBA is recognized as a game changer in the careers of its graduates.
The program's high level of scientific prominence, innovative teaching methods, and impact in academic research has recently led to an unprecedented achievement:

#3 globally
and #2 in Europe

Student Clubs

Industry, affinity group, and interest-based clubs help you customize your community experience.

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Who is it for?

  • For 120 students from +30 countries and diverse backgrounds, willing to invest in high-return management education, our intensive program spans from 12 to 15 months, effectively equipping them to tackle the challenges of the market.
  • Our program is designed for professionals ready to make the famed ‘triple jump’ in their career - a change in industry sector, function, or country - or for those who want to take one step further towards a full-fledged career in general management.
  • It is a transformational learning experience for highly motivated goal-achievers, empowering them to become drivers of organizational change.




Sanchita Pasi: My MBA Journey at SDA Bocconi

Alessio Saviano: My MBA Journey at SDA Bocconi




Why choose us?

1. Comprehensive Business Education
  • Covers traditional business disciplines: finance, marketing, strategy, and operations
  • Includes four additional concentrations: Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Private Investment, Customer Experience Management, and Luxury Business Management
  • Multidisciplinary approach for a diverse skill set and interconnected business understanding
2. Networking Opportunities
  • Provides ample networking opportunities
  • Connects students with candidates, alumni, faculty, and industry experts
  • Aids in future career growth, business partnerships, and job access
  • Boasts a strong alumni network of over 130,000 professionals worldwide
3. Career Development Center
  • Dedicated Career Development Center for extensive career support
  • Key partner for MBA candidates seeking career growth
  • Invites recruiting companies to campus to enrich international talent pipeline
4. Career Advancement
  • Boosts career prospects significantly
  • Equips participants with knowledge and skills for leadership roles
  • Aimed at excelling in management positions
5. Prestige And Reputation
  • Consistently ranked among top Business Schools globally
  • Recognized by prominent rankings like Financial Times



Global MBA Rankings 2024


European B-Schools
Ranking 2023, Bloomberg


for Salary Increase (+135%) *
Global MBA Rankings 2024

*Salary increase 3 years after graduation


found a new job
3 months after Graduation

changed either country,
sector or function post MBA
on Average
of our students receive
scholarships and tuition waiver

Faculty & Staff / Students

 exchange partner schools around the world 
Functional Concentrations

Scholarships and Tuition Waivers

The MBA class




Average Age


Students in 2 Classes


Countries represented

Inside My MBA SDA Bocconi programs offer a unique and personalized learning experience. Enter the world of MBA to discover its unique contents.

"In a world of abrupt discontinuities and planetary challenges, our MBA aspires to be a game changer for the careers of our students, providing a unique experience, where craftsmanship and flexibility are intrinsic to our approach. We are committed to shaping leaders that go beyond the rigorous learning of business fundamentals, combining entrepreneurial spirit with a mindset for organizational citizenship."



Stefano Pogutz

What they say about us

The program lasts 15 months, but its impact reaches far beyond that. Thanks to Bocconi, I was able to achieve my dream of working for a major multinational abroad, ultimately changing countries, industries and functions. The school offers excellent exposure to global companies and career paths and boasts a dedicated Career Services team.

Claire Meyer - American
MBA 2019
Global Sourcing Manager at Anheuser-Busch InBev - Zug, Switzerland

My name is Eric Bowler, I am an alumnus of SDA Bocconi – MBA 2018. I chose to do an MBA because I was looking to make a career and geographical change and I believed than an MBA would equip me with the skills and experience necessary to attempt such a transition. I am an engineer by background and my prior experience was working in the durable consumer goods industry but after some years, I discovered my real passion is in energy and infrastructure. I believed that I could make a substantial contribution to society by helping to allocate capital to sustainable infrastructural projects and therefore I wanted to break into infrastructural finance. I am also American and married to an Italian and after a few years of living in the United States we decided that we would try living in Italy. SDA Bocconi was an easy selection. The school offers the top ranked MBA program in Italy and one of the highest ranked in Europe. The school is also particularly known globally for its strong background in economics and finance and the MBA Director at the time, Prof. Stefano Gatti, is a world-renowned expert in infrastructural finance. Through my studies, I was very impressed with the availability and attention that professors such as Prof. Gatti gave to students as well as the mentioning and support that I personally received. Furthermore, the brand recognition of SDA Bocconi in Italy is superb and I find the Alumni network (which after more than 43 years of operations, is quite extensive) to be very open and supportive. Today, I work for F2i SGR which is an Italian Investment Management firm that specializes in infrastructure investments in the Italian market, in fact it is the largest private investor in Italian infrastructure. Infrastructure brings enormous benefits to society; indeed it enables the modern life that we live. The companies that F2i SGR has invested in provide healthcare services, transportation for passengers and goods, energy, water and internet to millions of individuals. This value is tangible and, in this case, local – as both SDA Bocconi and the investments of F2i SGR serve Italy. I can say that looking back, I was rather naïve about such a radical transition in career and geography and it is in no way an embellishment to state that this transition would not have been possible without SDA Bocconi.

Eric Bowler - American
MBA 2018
Strategy & Business Development Manager at F2i SGR Spa

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Personalized Orientation

SDA Bocconi organizes events and meetings throughout the year, both online and offline, where you can interact with the Director and other members of the MBA Community.

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An MBA is a commitment. The Recruiting and Admissions team will be happy to arrange an individual orientation meeting at school to answer your questions and give you personalized advice. We can also do this when we travel to your part of the world, and by phone or remotely.

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