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The MBA changes your career and your life.

An MBA is a radical experience after which your professional prospects, even personal ones, will no longer be the same. We are aware of this and it’s why we have designed a Career Services division that wants to be a valuable support for students who aim to achieve high career goals and for companies looking for highly talented individuals.

#MBAHires. Why hire a SDA Bocconi MBA? - Leonardo Tedioli
#MBAHires. Why hire a SDA Bocconi MBA? - Leonardo Tedioli


Why hire a SDA Bocconi MBA? - Recruiters insights

#MBAHires. Why hire a SDA Bocconi MBA? - Kisha Gupta
#MBAHires. Why hire a SDA Bocconi MBA? - Kisha Gupta


Why hire a SDA Bocconi MBA? - Recruiters insights

#MBAHires. Why hire a SDA Bocconi MBA? - Claire Jones
#MBAHires. Why hire a SDA Bocconi MBA? - Claire Jones

The Keywords: Intensity – Diversity – Change

SDA Bocconi MBA program requires a strong investment in relationships, cooperation and teamwork. This environment builds candidates with a truly global mindset and strong diversity management skills. Almost all of them pursue a substantial change in their careers in either industry sector, function or country, and they are invariably successful.

intensive program with a summer internship
different functional-based Concentrations
Luxury Business Management Concentration
partner schools
Exchange opportunities


Top 7 Post-MBA Destination Industries

MBA Alumni Testimonials

The program lasts 15 months, but its impact reaches far beyond that. Thanks to Bocconi, I was able to achieve my dream of working for a major multinational abroad, ultimately changing countries, industries and functions. The school offers excellent exposure to global companies and career paths and boasts a dedicated Career Services team.

Claire Meyer - American
MBA 2019
Global Sourcing Manager at Anheuser-Busch InBev - Zug, Switzerland

The MBA at SDA Bocconi has been a life-changing experience that has challenged my thinking, pushed my limits and transformed me personally and professionally.
There is a tremendous amount of professionalism in everything that happens both in and out of the classroom, with Career Service ready to support you in every step of this amazing journey.

Andrea Arobio - Italian
MBA 2018
Consultant, The Boston Consulting Group - Italy

MBA Recruiters Testimonials

Career Portal

SDA Bocconi partnered with JobTeaser as the market leader for career development. JobTeaser's ecosystem offers higher education institutions a career platform that has been developed in response to specific needs of companies, students, Alumni and career development experts. JobTeaser connects students to the business world and supports them in finding their next job or internships, giving them tools to be prepared and develop a successful career.

Meet the Team

We are a team of skilled professionals with diverse backgrounds – consulting, academia, headhunting, industrial – and a common passion to promote students' personal and professional development and help recruiters find the right talent for their business needs.

Sabyne Moras
Head of Career Service at SDA Bocconi
Giulia Zangrandi
Strategy Consulting
Financial Services
Daniela Leone
Tech / E-business
Food & Beverage
Alfredo Llovet
Healthcare / Agribusiness
Automotive / Aerospace / Aviation
Industrial Goods
Oil & Gas
Transportation & Logistics
Zaneta Motkowicz
Boutique Consulting
Travel & Hospitality
Arts & Non-for-profit
Cinzia Palenzona
Luxury, Retail and Fashion
Simone Consonni
Exchange Program
Student Clubs
Oriana Ghinato
Internship Program Management
Francesco Ausania
Participants & Alumni Engagement Manager
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SDA Bocconi organizes events and meetings throughout the year, both online and offline, where you can interact with the Director and other members of the MBA Community.