Executive Master in Management of International Organizations

What EMMIO can offer to you

EMMIO successfully prepares participants to tackle the biggest managerial challenges of modern international organizations. More specifically, it aims to:

  • Enhance the participants’ ability to think and to act strategically in today’s international cooperation scenarios.
  • Develop their ability to effectively lead organizations through sustainable and successful innovation.
  • Improve their distinctive managerial skills, including the ability to build and manage successful partnerships, raise critical resources to achieve their organization’s mandate and successfully leverage on human capital.
  • Advance their distinctive competencies to manage resources effectively, identify and manage risks, improve program management and reach operational excellence.
  • Foster their practical skills to manage teams of professionals and coordinate complex projects.

EMMIO compacts an impressive workload and a full-fledged Executive Master Program in a nine months academic path compatible with full employment.

The program makes participants feel an immediate connection with their working environment and knowledge immediately applicable to day to day professional challenges by showing how management frameworks and tools can be adapted to international organizations and used to successfully tackle their unique challenges.

Time to steer international challenges with EMMIO

Are you a real change-maker? Do you want to grow your management potential, improve your leadership skills and unlock your strategic vision? Are you ready to work on your own “fit-for-purpose”, challenge yourself and gear up for success on a global scale?

Then the Executive Master in Management of International Organizations, EMMIO is the right program for you!

EMMIO is built on the expertise of SDA Bocconi School of Management and, in particular, of the Public Management and Policy Department. 
Immersed in a truly international environment, you will have the unique opportunity to experience hands-on training in a highly interactive environment, where you’ll be able to develop your managerial competencies, nurture your leadership skills and prepare for your future professional challenges.

"International organizations face complex, shifting and multifaceted challenges in order to enhance their relevance, and make a real impact on the SDG agenda. The EMMIO program is extremely well positioned to help create a new generation of true leaders and skillful managers, able to anticipate and tackle those challenges through strategic vision, partnership, agility, resilience, innovation and a results-orientation".

Michael Emery | Head of HR at UNFPA

"The EMMIO program is an excellent opportunity for officers aspiring to join the management ranks of International Organizations. This training has the potential to fill the gap between an intense and committed technical experience and positions that require high managerial responsibilities. Resource management may not be straightforward even for a seasoned officer, particularly in organizations with a very clear technical focus. The principles of good management and the knowledge on how to obtain effective results when coordinating people and physical and financial resources are not always intuitive. The acquisition of a recognized managerial capacity requires dedication, experience and training.
The EMMIO program is the chance for mid-career officers to challenge themselves to take new steps in their careers, discover their management talent and acquire the necessary toolbox for managerial roles. To potential candidates I say: It would be a real pity bearing an unrevealed potential inside you.".

Fernanda Guerrieri | Assistant Director-General, Corporate Services at FAO

"In a constantly evolving and overcrowded global environment ¨reform¨ has become a buzz word and a challenging process for international organizations. EMMIO provides the academic opportunity to reflect on and to develop capacities for those who are already in managerial positions or are willing to assume those responsibilities".

Mirta Roses Periago | Former Director of the Pan American Health Organization

“Our world is changing rapidly, and the pressures facing international organizations and their global missions have never been greater. Success in a post-MDG world requires leaders who have the skills and vision to integrate issues of health, poverty, climate and security to reach development goals and make sure no one is left behind. EMMIO is an important program for building the kind of future leaders our organizations need-leaders who can break down the silos of bureaucracy and do the real work of putting people at the centre.”

Michel Sidibe | Executive Director UNAIDS (the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS)

@gretanasi @sdabocconi some day I will look back on the EMMIO as the trampoline to my career progression & greater leadership. Empowering!