Executive Master in Management of International Organizations

Time to Steer International Challenges.

Next Start 11 Oct 2023
Duration 9 Months
Language English
Format Executive
Avg. working
13 years
Where Milano

The Executive Master in Management of International Organizations (EMMIO) is a part-time blended program that successfully prepares participants to tackle the biggest managerial challenges of modern international organizations, such as: United Nations, International NGOs, International Financial Institutions, Intergovernmental and Supranational Organizations.

Compacting an impressive workload and a fully-fledged executive master program into a nine-month educational path, EMMIO is compatible with full-time employment. By providing you with knowledge, methodological frameworks, and operational tools directly applicable to daily professional challenges, EMMIO allows you to make immediate contribution to your working environment.


Who is EMMIO for?

  • For mid- and senior-level professionals with at least 5 years of professional experience, who are already working for or interested in pursuing a career in International Institutions and NGOs.
  • For mid-and-senior level professionals willing to unlock their managerial potential and strengthen their leadership capacity.


EMMIO is therefore the ideal program for professionals who want to:

  • enhance their ability to think and to act strategically in today’s international cooperation scenarios
  • develop their ability to effectively lead organizations through sustainable and successful innovation.
  • improve their managerial skills, including the ability to build and manage successful partnerships, raise critical resources to achieve their organization’s mandate and successfully leverage on human capital.
  • advance their competencies to manage resources effectively, identify and manage risks, improve program management and reach operational excellence.



My EMMIO in 60 seconds - Sara Awad

My EMMIO in 60 seconds - Sarah Hoibak

My EMMIO in 60 seconds - Ragy Saro

My EMMIO in 60 seconds - German Robles Osuna




Why choose us?

1. A unique value proposition

A fully tailored, hands on degree that will strengthen your competence and heighten your visibility, equipping you for your future professional challenges.

2. An innovative learning model: from theory to practice

Why choose between world class academic contents and cutting edge business practices? EMMIO allows you to get the best of both worlds, combining a hands-on approach with a solid theoretical component, anchored around management frameworks and tools tailored to the operational and institutional specificities of international organizations. Different and complementary learning methodologies will be adopted, to ensure that the content is engaging, interactive and delivered in a way that suits you.

3. Think creatively and elaborate innovative solutions

EMMIO is so much more than a Masters’ programme – it’s a laboratory where participants all pour in their professional experiences to gain insights, think creatively and elaborate new solutions to common problems. The EMMIO cohort mixes professionals from both the international development and humanitarian assistance sectors with twenty or more organizations represented. This diversity and complementarity of backgrounds helps to foster systematic and strategic thinking among our participants

4. A blended formula for a “fit to measure” education

At SDA Bocconi we believe that your education should fit your needs, and work around your schedule. Our blended formula gives you two main benefits: maximum flexibility to complete the on-distance course workload throughout the year, and a concentrated face to face course delivery in two sessions of two and half weeks each. You will earn your degree in only nine months while taking full advantage of the flexible programme schedule, giving you an efficient, effective and immediate boost to your career.

5. World-class Faculty experienced in International Public Management

SDA Bocconi has invested in the EMMIO all the experience of its four-decade commitment for shaping public management reforms. The strength of its faculty lies in the extraordinary network that unites internationally renowned scholars with senior managers of UN system organizations, innovators, and change agents. Which allows this special blend of knowledge and experience is at hand to shape your own learning experience and ultimately your career.

6. Milano – the place to be

SDA Bocconi’s location allows you to get the most out of your advanced education by taking in the Milan experience. Milan is a global business hub synonymous with style, art, design, innovation and well-being. Get inspired in the most vibrant Mediterranean city, immersed in a dynamic environment open to international business leaders and global policy makers alike.


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Inside My EMMIO SDA Bocconi programs offer a unique and personalized learning experience. Enter the world of EMMIO to discover its unique contents.

“International organizations play a critical role in global governance and in enabling their partners to navigate increasingly complex and inter-related development challenges. The EMMIO aims to build a cadre of professionals with the skills and knowledge required to make a mark as international civil servants and to contribute to their organizations’ effectiveness and operational excellence. The program combines solid academic frameworks with dynamic teamwork and a strong focus on emerging trends and themes of the global development agenda. Join the EMMIO program - be part of the future leaders of international organizations.”


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Greta Nasi

Welcome to the #EMMIO, where you will embark on a life-changing journey towards a more impactful career. Designed for mid- and senior professionals working in the UN, INGOs, IFIs and beyond, this program will equip you with the knowledge and expertise to tackle today's most pressing global challenges and lead the way in an ever-evolving international arena.
By recognizing the relevance of emerging actors and aligning your career goals with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, you will be at the forefront of shaping a better future for all. Join us and unleash your potential to make a lasting impact in the public and private sectors.

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Alexander Maximilian Hiedemann
EMMIO Program Coordinator

What they say about EMMIO

"EMMIO is a learning platform where professionals can exchange knowledge and experiences with a diverse and highly qualified group of professors and practicioners. I also call it change of “modus operandi” because it truly shapes your way of working."

Tolib Tohiri
EMMIO 2018

"International organizations face complex, shifting and multifaceted challenges in order to enhance their relevance, and make a real impact on the SDG agenda. The EMMIO program is extremely well positioned to help create a new generation of true leaders and skillful managers, able to anticipate and tackle those challenges through strategic vision, partnership, agility, resilience, innovation and a results-orientation."

Michael Emery

Personalized Orientation

The Director and the Recruiting & Admissions team will be happy to arrange an individual orientation meeting at school to answer your questions and give you personalized advice. We can also do this by phone or remotely.


Moreover, every year the school presents the Master through a series of public events, both online and offline. This is an opportunity to speak directly with directors, faculty, alumni, and staff, and find out if EMMIO is for you.


Contact us for more information, to arrange a meeting, request to visit the school, or attend a class.


Phone: +39 02 5836 6109 / 6217

Email: emmio@sdabocconi.it

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