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The Executive MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a 18-month modular general management program in Italian that gives you the opportunity to develop new skills and gain a prestigious qualification while continuing to work full-time. Despite being a part-time program, the EMBA is intensive and requires a high level of commitment and motivation.

The Executive MBA is dense, yet innovative and varied, covering a wide range of theoretical models and best practices. Lectures are combined with distance learning sessions, while case study analysis, group projects, simulations and experiential learning are also widely used.

By studying in the Executive MBA, participants will obtain the necessary knowledge and skills to manage increasingly complex organizational structures with efficiency and integrity.

The focus of the program is to enable students to bring more value as team members and as leaders, by being more confident decision-makers and communicators, able to operate across a wide range of functions.

Ideal candidate profile

  • University Degree (in any subject)
  • At least 5-6 years of work experience
  • Fluency in Italian and English

"20 months to develop practical skills and build a new professional network. 20 months to acquire the management skills needed in complex and uncertain scenarios. A compass that will guide you over time as you progress in your career."

Enzo Baglieri | Executive MBA Director


18-month modular program, in Italian, starting in November (with Online Tutorials from September).

4 stages over 20 months: Online Tutorials, Fundamentals of Management, Managing Complexity, Concentration & Exchanges.

Executive Career Curriculum.

7 one week/full time modules + 6 joint weekend classes with EMBA Weekend + 18 mandatory sessions (=3 Modules) Hybrid Learning + max 2 Concentration Modules (with EMBA Weekend).

How you can benefit

The Executive MBA is a prestigious qualification that employers all over the world associate with a strong portfolio of skills and a high degree of commitment to career development.

The program will prepare you to take on a more senior role within your organization, at the managerial or executive level, by strengthening your communication, leadership and decision-making skills.

By studying with participants from a variety of backgrounds and industry sectors, you will rapidly develop a strong network of contacts and be able to exchange experiences and information. Finally, studying in an EMBA while working full-time allows you to immediately apply approaches, frameworks and techniques learned in classroom to your work environment.

How your organization can benefit

Studying in the SDA Bocconi EMBA can boost motivation and significantly increase your value to an organization. In addition, studying while working full-time means that participants can immediately transfer their learning to their work and enhance their performance. This can be done by bringing in new ideas, best practices, approaches and frameworks, or by displaying a more confident approach to decision-making, communication and strategic thinking.
Finally, sponsoring organizations have the opportunity to partner with the School on a number of activities that are part of the EMBA curriculum.