Master of International Healthcare Management, Economics and Policy

  • Sep 2020 Next Start
  • 12 Months Duration
  • English Language
  • Full-Time Format
  • 3 years Avg. working
  • Milano Where

Find the Right Way to Your Healthcare Career

The Master of International Healthcare Management, Economics and Policy (MIHMEP) is a one-year full-time program in English, aimed at those who want to take on challenging global roles in the healthcare sector, whether it’s the private industry, government and international organizations, or health service providers. We offer you a rigorous and specialized approach together with a global vision to broaden the horizons of healthcare management across all actors operating in the sector.

MIHMEP Perspectives
MIHMEP Perspectives


MIHMEP is the Master for you if:

  • Your objective is an international career in the healthcare sector in private or public institutions.
  • You are looking for a professional and dynamic environment.
  • You want to be informed about the cutting-edge thinking and skills on management and policy.
  • You are looking for a leading school with a strong reputation in management education.
  • You want to train in Italy, whose healthcare system has consistently been in the top positions in the world, according to the World Healthcare Organization (WHO) and others.

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Int'l Students

from 18 Countries


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“The MIHMEP is a 360 degree experience that prepares participants to become effective leaders, managers, policy-makers, economists, and change agents. We cover the healthcare sector and organizations of developed countries, the global health context of developing countries, and the pharmaceutical, medical device, and all other types of industries related to health and wellbeing. The MIHMEP is something unique.”


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Claudio Jommi
MIHMEP Director

I am a medical doctor from the Netherlands. After obtaining my MD degree from Radboud University Nijmegen, I gained clinical work and research experience at the University of California Davis Medical Center. There, I trained in the wards and operating rooms of the Department of Otolaryngology. My experiences working in hospitals in the Netherlands, Portugal and the United States gave me valuable insight into differences between various health care systems and their particular challenges. I chose MIHMEP to expand my abilities as a health care professional with managerial and organizational competences.

‘MIHMEP is the way to expand your knowledge in Healthcare in an international environment’.

Elvira Buijs - Dutch

MIHMEP is not for everyone, it is for those who want to challenge their careers and acquire an international and business perspective of healthcare. As a medical doctor specialized in healthcare quality improvement, I had been for working many years in my country within private and public hospitals, but I was still looking for a new perspective for my personal and professional development. I did some research among different business schools and programs in Europe, and I found MIHMEP. Although all through my previous studies I also heard and learned from great lecturers, studying at SDA BOCCONI was a multicultural experience and I thoroughly enjoyed learning from my classmates, who are now good friends. It was challenging leaving all what I built back in Mexico, but I don’t regret the decision.

Arturo Martinez Zuniga - Mexican


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Personalized Orientation

MIHMEP is a challenge to be taken on with a strong dedication. The director and his team will be happy to arrange an individual orientation meeting at school to answer your questions and give you personalized advice. We can also do this remotely by phone or Skype.


SDA Bocconi organizes events and meetings throughout the year, both online and offline, where you can interact with directors, faculty, alumni, and staff.

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