Master of International Healthcare Management, Economics and Policy

Find the right way to your healthcare career.

The Master of International Healthcare Management, Economics and Policy (MIHMEP) is a one-year, full-time program in English, aimed at professionals who aspire to take on challenges of global management roles within the health care sector, whether it's private industry  (pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies), government and international organizations or health care providers.
A rigorous and focused approach is combined with a global vision to broaden the horizons of health care management across all actors operating in the sector.




MIHMEP is the Master for you if

  • Your objective is an international career in the health care sector in private or public institutions
  • You are looking for a professional, international and dynamic environment
  • You want to be informed about the cutting edge thinking and skills on management and policy
  • You are looking for a leading school with a strong reputation in management education

10 Reasons Why

Why a Master in International Healthcare Management, Economics and Policy in Italy?


What MIHMEP can offer you

MIHMEP is targeted at professionals who wish to embark on an international career in the health care sector. The program will offer you:

  • An international perspective through its curriculum, faculty and fellow course participants
  • In-depth understanding of the world’s social, political and economic context in which health care systems operate
  • Strong theoretical and practical foundations to drive policy and organizational changes in health care systems around the world
  • Many opportunities to develop your professional skills, through class learning, experience and practice, exposure to reality of “shop floor”, in-company visits, internship, and - above all - individual coaching and mentoring activites.

A fact about MIHMEP

MIHMEP graduates have gone on to rewarding careers in many health care fields – ranging from multinational pharmaceutical and biotech companies to international institutions, from hospitals and aid organizations to research centres, health care authorities and consulting companies. Managers and leaders, policy makers and advisors, researchers and academics, consultants and entrepreneurs. Contact the MIHMEP Senators and learn more about their success stories.

What an amazing talk with Gabriele Brambilla, the CEO of Alira Health today at SDA Bocconi! It was a pleasure to meet and be inspired by someone that answers the question “What was your biggest professional achievement in the last 10 years?” by saying that it was hiring the right people to work with him.

BioUpper is the most renewed startup competition in Italy in the area of Life sciences. After had being selected as one of the best 20 startup ideas among 150 applicants the “Patch” team was shortlisted as finalist in the “Call for ideas” of BioUpper 2018.

20 years of international success: program holds a tight grip on the top spot of the rank

Benefits of choosing MIHMEP

01. A demanding but most comprehensive program

MIHMEP tells the story of Champions who to different extents and in different sectors – Industry, Public Sector, International Cooperation for Developing Countries, Academia and Health Organizations – have made the difference and substantially contributed to developing and shaping health care, thus improving patients’ access to the most irreplaceable good and inalienable right: Health.
MIHMEP combines management studies and practice with health economics, health policy and public health, thus being the most comprehensive post-graduate program in health care.

02. A program that continually reinvents itself

Three Specializations: Global Health & Development; Health Care Management; Pharmaceutical & Medical Technology.
Scientific Board: 12 prominent experts worldwide in the areas of health care management, economics, policy, governance and global health, providing MIHMEP with scientific guidance and input to its scientific curricula. It is the only Master that mixes the business (private) and public views of healthcare by offering both general overview and in-depth specialization of different sectors.

03. The right environment to nurture your skills

MIHMEP Faculty is engaged both in research and teaching at the executive level. Research is developed at the Università Bocconi CERGAS, the Center for Research on Health and Social Care Management. Executive Education is delivered at SDA Bocconi School of Management, where every year more than 20 executive educational programs are run for the open market and over 100 customized training projects are designed and performed for healthcare organizations, health agencies, pharma and medical devices companies, regulatory institutions, private providers, scientific societies, communities of clinicians and other health professionals. These projects take place in Italy and abroad, in developed and developing countries.

04. The right environment to network

With over 160 internship providers, 500 MIHMEP Alumni from 75 countries, in addition to the larger Bocconi Alumni Association, a Faculty that includes over 50 members, visiting professors and guest speakers, and a network of over 60 Professionals, MIHMEP is amongst the fewest truly international specialized Master Programs in healthcare management, economics and policy at a global level. This network will continue to grow over time and will enable you to have access to a large number of people who work in and understand the health care sector globally.

05. Milano, the hub of Italy’s health care system

Milano is the country’s health care and industrial hub, and for some it may be their next place of work once they have completed this program. During your master, Milano will be first of all a campus and the place where you will be able to develop as a professional and as a person. Furthermore, the Italian health system has been ranked second by the World Healthcare Organization in its last worldwide appraisal of health systems, and third most efficient (after Singapore and Hong Kong) by Bloomberg in its recent 2014 ranking. A system that has the longest tradition in public health, the world's oldest medical schools, and an open approach to mental health that revolutionized its care. A place where much can be learned.
The OECD report “Health at a glance 2013” states “Those born in Switzerland, Japan and Italy can expect to live the longest among OECD countries."