Executive Master in Management delle Aziende Sanitarie e Socio-Assistenziali

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Next Start 12 Apr 2023
Duration 12 Months
Language Italian
Format Executive
Avg. working
14 years
Where Milano

The Executive Master in Management of Health and Social Care Organizations (EMMAS) is designed for experienced professionals who want to pursue a managerial career within health organizations. The breadth, depth and formula of this program represent a unique proposition, which enables students to prepare for senior management roles while working full-time.

The healthcare sector has evolved considerably in recent years and has become increasingly complex to manage. Therefore, there is a distinct need for specialized skills in the top tiers of management. The program provides a strong understanding of how health organizations work and equips you with the right skills to make a difference in your own workplace, in relation to the quality of services or the efficiency of operations. 

Thanks to a stimulating, interactive and integrated learning process, you will find the experience truly valuable and highly relevant to your profession.

Ideal candidate profile

  • University Degree (in any subject)
  • At least 3 years experience in the industry
  • Fluency in Italian
  • Strong leadership skills



Il mio EMMAS in 1 minuto – Andrea Labruto

Il mio EMMAS in 1 minuto – Maria Felicita Crupi



Why choose EMMAS?

SDA Bocconi has a long history of programs in management of health and social care organizations, which started in the 1980s with the CORGESAN and COGEMSAN programs. EMMAS builds upon this experience to offer a program that uses the latest teaching methods, combined with a customizable track. 

Finally, the faculty includes not only professors and researchers but also established professionals and experts in this sector, such as senior managers, consultants and opinion leaders.
If you aspire to a managerial career in a health or social care organization and want to study at a School of Management that is leader in this field, EMMAS is the right choice for you.

Key Facts




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Yourself Track

Yourself Empowerment
Leadership Focus

“Thanks to the class make-up and program structure, EMMAS is much more than an executive program: it is a chance to interact, share and collaborate with SDA Bocconi Faculty, as well as with managers, professionals and colleagues from healthcare and social care providers working within the Italian National Healthcare System.”

Francesca Lecci
EMMAS Director

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