Dedicated Experts

The Global EMBA faculty come from Italy and abroad.

This global mix of experiences and cultures results in a learning environment that is dynamic and multi-nationally relevant.

Vincenzo Capizzi (Italy)
Ph.D. (Università Bocconi)

Associate Professor of Financial Institutions Economics

« "Hey Prof, you exposed us to a completely unknown world! Do you think it might be possible to think of a professional future in the Financial Services Industry?"
This is quite a common question students ask after participating in the "Financial Markets and Institution" course. You will be brought into the real-time operations of financial advisors, private equity and venture capital fund managers, corporate bankers, brokers and dealers working in capital markets. This is a great chance to understand the real bank standpoint when deciding whether or not to finance a company.
Furthermore, you will see what kind of operations investment bankers perform when executing a mandate and dealing with a corporate bond issue in the debt capital market. »

Mikkel Draebye (Denmark)
MSc (University of Aarhusand);
MBA (SDA Bocconi)
Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

A Stimulating Challenge
« Teaching a Global EMBA class is a stimulating challenge. The participants are with us physically for a week at a time, so the objective is to get as much out of this face-to-face time as possible. For me, this means challenging the participants with complex managerial decisions and advocating that the more complex the problems, the more structured the solution approach must be: apparently, common sense strategy analysis methods and decision making logic are not common practices. That is one of the things we try to change in the GEMBA classroom. It is not difficult to provoke discussions, because the class is full of experienced participants who have dealt with most managerial issues directly. The challenge, and what makes teaching interesting, is to extract learning from idiosyncratic approaches and different contexts. This is where I learn too. Then the class leaves us for a period, because they have firms and functions to manage. In this period, the challenge is to devote the three to five hours each week that your course needs from each participant.»


Maurizio Poli (Italy)
Director, Global EMBA

Adjunct Professor of Statistics and Quantitative Methods

« I was part of this project from the very beginning and I believe there are several distinct advantages to the SDA Bocconi School of Management Global EMBA. First, as the business world changes at a rapid pace, the program stays current by leveraging its strong ties to the business community and academic research.
Many faculty members, like me, share their time between academic studies, executive programs and professional work to provide a 'real world' environment. Secondly, the forty-year experience of SDA Bocconi School of Management in MBA and executive training represents a guarantee of the organization and content level, with a bit of Italian style. Finally, I have seen our programs attract top talent. The caliber of students makes every lesson challenging for me and raises the knowledge level of the entire class. »