Sport and Entertainment Knowledge Center

Who we are and what we do

The Sport and Entertainment Knowledge Center at SDA Bocconi is an international, independent and privileged cultural hub. The Center coordinates initiatives related to the world of sports, entertainment, and events, developing long-term relationships with main actors at international level.

Why Sport and Entertainment Knowledge Center

The Center aims to support strategic decision makers through data analysis and managerial innovation. Knowledge is generated by combining different economic-managerial competencies and constantly engaging in new debates to analyze, compare and propose new social, cultural and economic models, creating bridges among industries.


The sports, entertainment and events systems have economic implications, but they also have social and cultural implications through their main assets: athletes, artists, events, fans, clubs, leagues, event organizers, entertainment and media companies and events facilities.

Knowledge Practices

The SEKC works on knowledge development according to the following categories and topics

Our Target Partners

Being the dedicated unit at SDA Bocconi that coordinates training, research and dissemination, networking initiatives about Sports and Entertainment, the SEKC proposes itself as Educational Arm to add value to specific institutions and organizations.

The most important step towards creating the partnership is to identify a shared vision and common goals to be reached together.

Ideally, the entities whom the SEKC would partner with aim at:

  • Innovating the economic, managerial and social dynamics that drive the international sports and entertainment systems
  • Developing knowledge for future transformation in sports and entertainment industries
  • Having an independent and privileged point of view at the international level