Maurizio Dallocchio

Corporate Finance and Real Estate


Latest publications

TETI E., DALLOCCHIO M., L'Erario G. The impact of ESG tilting on the performance of stock portfolios in times of crisis Finance Research Letters, 2023, vol.52, pp.103522
DALLOCCHIO M., Caputo A., Tron A., COLANTONI F. It's a matter of time! CEO turnover and corporate turnarounds in Italy Journal of Management & Organization, 2022, pp.1-21
TETI E., Baraglia I., DALLOCCHIO M., Mariani G. The green bonds: Empirical evidence and implications for sustainability Journal of Cleaner Production, 2022, vol.366, pp.132784
Tron A., DALLOCCHIO M., Ferri S., COLANTONI F. Corporate governance and financial distress: lessons learned from an unconventional approach Journal of Management and Governance, 2022
TETI E., DALLOCCHIO M., Currao T. Family ownership and M&A payment method International Journal of Finance & Economics, 2022, vol.27, no. 2, pp.1989-2005
DALLOCCHIO M., PIRRONE C. Gli aspetti negoziali nelle operazioni di M&A in Mergers & Acquisitions - II Ed. M. Dallocchio, G. Lucchini, C. Pirrone (Eds),Egea, chap. 8, pp.159-175, 2021

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