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All the Requirements to Join GEMBA

When SDA Bocconi receives an application for admission, it carries out a pre-selection process based on the initial documents received. Before the application submission, we encourage candidates to contact the Recruiting and Admission Service for a first evaluation of the basic requirements that make them suitable to proceed with the application process. The final assessment of each application will take place once the candidate has completed all required tests and submitted all required documents. Candidates admitted into the Program must confirm their participation based on deadlines set by the Admissions Service.


You are required to have:

  • Bachelor Degree (in any discipline)
  • 5+ years of full-time work experience
  • 2+ years of mid-to senior management experience (people, project or budget experience)
  • Proficiency in English
  • Current Full-Time employment
  • Strong motivation
  • Good leadership and interpersonal skills

Please share with us ( your CV/resumé: our admissions team will review it to ensure this is the right program for you.

What We Need from You

The application must also be accompanied by:

  • Photo to be uploaded to the online application
  • Copy of your passport or ID
  • Payment of EUR 130 application fee (by credit card or wire transfer)

How to Apply

The application process for GEMBA 2019/2021 is now closed.

Fill out and submit the online application through our website and upload all required documents to the “Documents” section of your online application.

Official transcripts and/or certified copies should be both uploaded and sent by conventional mail to:

SDA Bocconi, Masters Division

Recruiting and Admissions Service - GEMBA

Via Balilla, 18

20136 Milan, Italy

For further clarification on individual applications, please contact Admissions Service.

SDA Bocconi, Masters Division

GEMBA Recruiting and Admissions Service

Tel +39 02 5836 3299/3215

Fax +39 02 5836 3272


We Look for Highly Motivated Candidates

The application is available exclusively online and must be filled out in English. You may verify the arrival of your application and confirm that all the documentation has been received through our application website.


Admissions Process

The Rotman-SDA Bocconi GEMBA admission process is a rigorous one where candidates are selected according to a specific set of admissions criteria defined by the School. The criteria are in place to guarantee participants and companies the highest quality educational experience. The selection process aims to evaluate each candidate's academic and professional experiences together with their motivations and individual skills. The process must not only determine whether candidates are suitable for the Rotman-SDA Bocconi GEMBA, but also whether the Program will meet each candidate's expectations and career goals. We devote significant time and effort to the selection and admissions process because the Rotman-SDA Bocconi GEMBA owes much of its uniqueness to the diverse talents of its students who add extraordinary value and drive to the class.

The course is 18 months long, from October 2019 to March 2021.

We encourage candidates to initiate the process by submitting their application for admission to the Admissions Service then send in the required documents and tests (GMAT, TOEFL, etc.) as soon as possible. The selection process is based both on a candidate profile and the arrival date of their application, while ensuring that the class framework is consistent with a high level of diversity and geographical heterogeneity promoted by the School for the Rotman-SDA Bocconi GEMBA.

Admissions Results

Candidates will receive a formal letter from the Admissions Service informing them of the admission decision as soon as the selection process is completed.
The selection process will yield one of the following three results:


  • Admission
    If accepted, the candidate receives an official letter of admission and a contract for participation. If all available places have been filled, the School may decide to place the candidate on a wait list or offer admission for the following year.


  • Deferment
    Admission to the Program is valid for the year the application is submitted. Deferment can be requested for the following year, but approval of deferment is on a case-by-case decision of the Admissions Committee.


  • Non-admission
    Admission to the Program is highly selective. The selection process assesses the profile of the individual candidate while taking into account the composition of the Rotman-SDA Bocconi GEMBA class, which must be consistent with the quality and diversity the School requires.
We are aware of the deep commitment all candidates must make to go through the selection process, and the School cannot provide individual answers to non-admitted candidates.



Fees & Expenses

Participation in the 18-months GEMBA program implies a fair financial commitment. But it is a strategic investment to enter the international dimension of business administration, and it certainly offers high future returns.


Tuition Fees

The total fee is USD 100,000 to be paid in five installments:

First Installment

USD 10,000

on acceptance of admission offer

Second Installment

USD 22,500

by 30 October 2019

Third Installment

USD 22,500

by 10 February 2020

Fourth Installment

USD 22,500

by 6 July 2020

Fifth Installment

USD 22,500

by 4 January 2021


The fee includes:

  • Most teaching materials and the use of the School's support facilities, class-day meals, as well as accommodation for the modules taught outside Milano and Toronto.
    Travel visas, travel expenses and accommodation in Milano and Toronto and incidentals are not included.


Other costs (not included in tuition fees):

  • Admission fee: € 130

Scholarships & Tuition Waivers

Thanks to the contribution of the Bocconi Alumni Community, SDA Bocconi School of Management has made available 10 merit-based tuition waivers up to 25,000 USD (25% of the tuition fee) for 2019/21 Rotman-SDA Bocconi GEMBA candidates. At least 3 of these tuition waivers will be awarded to Women with an outstanding profile.

Tuition Waivers

The tuition waivers are usually awarded before the Program begins. The number and assignment criteria of total or partial tuition waivers are defined and acknowledged by a special Commission whose decision is final and will be notified to beneficiaries according to the dates indicated in the Notice of Competition and by the beginning of the Program.

Applications are evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Analysis of academic and professional record;
  • Analysis of the requirements indicated in the specific notice of competition;
  • Results of the Rotman-SDA Bocconi Global EMBA selection process.

Admission to the Rotman-SDA Bocconi Global EMBA is independent of the award of any scholarship or tuition waiver.

To be eligible for a tuition waiver, applicants must:

  • Have sent the application to the 2019/21 Rotman-SDA Bocconi Global EMBA Program;
  • Look at the pre-requisites for the tuition waiver;
  • Apply for the tuition waiver on the online application Portal by the deadlines indicated

Candidates can apply to the tuition waivers even though their selection process is still in progress.
The tuition waivers will be awarded within the Rotman-SDA Bocconi Global EMBA Program's beginning.



Outstanding Candidates

› 8 Partial Tuition Waivers (EXPIRED)

Outstanding Candidates

2 Partial Tuition Waivers (NEW) (for one of the 2 TWs priority will be given to Women with an outstanding profile)


SDA Bocconi thanks for the contribution:


Loans and Funding

SDA Bocconi assists you in your funding search by providing the necessary documentation, and encourages you to explore all scholarship and loan possibilities in good time. The school provides opportunities for low-interest loans to admitted students, thanks to agreements with partner banks.

Recruiting & Admissions Service

A whole team of experts is here to assist you during your decision process: our recruiting people will be meeting you during our events in Italy and abroad; a team of professionals will then assess and select your profile and also guide you throughout your admissions process.

Rossana Camera
Head of Recruiting & Admissions Service


Joana Franco
Francesca Roveda
Paula Rotaru
Marta Tettamanti
Tyler Henderson
Summer Wu


Laura Matera
Viviana Puricelli
Elena Ruffinazzi
Giulia Rivino
Lorenzo Starita
Tamara Kolundzija

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