Stefano Caselli

Banking and Insurance


Latest publications

BORGONOVO E., CASELLI S., CILLO A., MASCIANDARO D., Rabitti G. Money, privacy, anonymity: What do experiments tell us? Journal of Financial Stability, 2021, vol.56, pp.100934
CASELLI S., CORBETTA G., CUCINELLI D., ROSSOLINI M. A survival analysis of public guaranteed loans: Does financial intermediary matter? Journal of Financial Stability, 2021, vol.54, pp.100880
CASELLI S. Banche e mercati: perché sono strumenti di politica economica Economia & Management, 2021, no. 2, pp.66-71
CASELLI S., GIGANTE G., TORTOROGLIO A. Corporate and investment banking: a hands-on approach Bocconi University Press - BUP, Milano, Italy, 2021
CASELLI S., BALBO L., BRUSONI M., VECCHI V. (Eds.) Shakai o kaeru inpakuto toshi [Principle and practice of impact investing: a catalytic revolution. Japanese Edition] Dobunkan, Japan, 2021
CASELLI S., NEGRI G. Private Equity and Venture Capital in Europe -3rd Edition - Markets, Techniques, and Deals Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands (The), 2021

Grants & Honors

Chair - Algebris , 2019
Reaserch Grant - Equita Group , 2013

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