Stefano Caselli

Curriculum Vitae

Stefano Caselli is Full Professor of the Department of Finance at Bocconi University. He is Dean of International Affairs at Bocconi University.

At SDA Bocconi and Bocconi, he covered several roles. He was Academic Director of SDA Bocconi Asia Center from 2012 to 2015. He was Director of Executive Education Custom Program for Banks and Financial Institutions (2006-2012), Academic Director of MSc in Finance (2010-2012), Academic Director of CEMS-MIM (2005-2012) and Director of the Executive Master in Corporate Finance & Banking (2005-2010). He conducted numerous research, training and consulting projects both with the most important financial institutions at European level and corporations for valuation and corporate governance issues. 

His research activities focus on the relationship between banking and industrial system, facing issues both of banking credit risk management and of corporate finance and capital structure.  His current research activities addresses three main questions: the impact of private equity and venture capital within investment banking activities on companies’ growth and development; the relationship between corporate governance, regulatory issues and performance of financial institutions; the role of taxation incentives and mechanisms on capital structure of corporations in the European landscape.

He is the author of numerous books and articles on the subject. His works have been published in Journal of Financial Intermediation, Journal of Banking and Finance, European Financial Management, Journal of Financial Services Research, Journal of Applied Corporate Finance and Economia & Management, among others. He is member of the board of Directors of SDA Bocconi and he has a long experience as independent director in several boards of corporations and financial institutions as well as advisor of investment committees. He acts as columnist and opinion maker on “L’Economia del Corriere della Sera”, as well as radio and television programs. He is research fellow of BAFFI-CAREFIN (the research centre for financial innovation of Bocconi University), member of the board of directors of ISBM – International School of Business Management, in UK and member of the Strategic Board of CEMS. He won several times the “Bocconi Teaching Award” and the “Bocconi Research Award” in 1997, 2004 and 2011. He is an expert guest speaker in international conferences. He is also the founder and the director of the “Start-up Day” platform for Bocconi since 2015, devoted to facilitate the start-up process for Bocconi students and alumni.

Stefano earned an MSc in Business Administration from the University of Genoa and a Ph.D. in Financial Markets and Institutions from the University of Siena. He is married with two kids.

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