Where athletes and artists become leaders.

1-TO-1 ACADEMY IN MANAGEMENT AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP is an individual development journey for people with accomplished sporting and artistic talents.

Your Opportunity

There is a growing need for sporting and artistic people to carry out an assessment of potential in the professional context which looks into the leadership and behavioral profile, personality traits and the economic and entrepreneurial value profile, with the aim of determining career orientation while exploiting business and social opportunities.
Due to the participant’s current career or professional commitments, a 1-to-1 program with a variety of learning and developmental tools is the most appropriate approach. With a dedicated academic team that will support the educational journey.
A place where people can learn by comparing ideas on various topics and in different industries, also leveraging the Bocconi Alumni Community spread throughout the world.

Who Is It For

After consolidating a career in sport or arts, the target participant intends to build the foundations and advanced perspectives on the topics of management and entrepreneurship, becoming more aware as entrepreneur, investor or manager in various sectors.
Instead of choosing to go to university, some young people choose a career which develops their unique technical and creative skills (sport, art, fashion, cooking, cinema, etc.).
Some of these people become top international investors and professionals. They are curious and feel the need to learn about economic-managerial issues to look after their own interests, either because they become a brand themselves or because of the brands or companies which they set up and invest in.
Despite having agents and professional companies working for them, in some cases they also wish to understand the company dynamics since they may be asked to represent or manage companies and institutions in their field of interest and therefore make significant decisions on their own. They are curious and the more they know the more they may dare following a knowledge based and rigorous approach.

Why Join Us?

Benefits for the participant:

  • To improve and develop awareness, understand the implications and accountability of managerial roles in companies and institutions (including non - profit), perfect leadership and decision -making skills in complex settings, develop and promote orientation towards change.
  • To reinforce reasoning, methodologies and tools for the development of an integrated vision of the world of companies and institutions, paying particular attention to the economic - financial variable, the centrality of clients, investors and all the other relevant stakeholders.
  • To create a top exponent of an organization through an intensive and ambitious program.
  • To establish opportunities for ongoing learning through coaching, networking and direct discussions.
  • To generate opportunities for international visibility within Bocconi’s management community