SDA Bocconi in Top 3 MBAs worldwide according to the Financial Times

The school’s Full-Time MBA takes a leap forward in the Financial Times’ 2024 Global MBA Ranking: 3rd worldwide and 2nd in Europe.


This is an unprecedented achievement for SDA Bocconi, which has entered the Global Top 3 of the Financial Times’ 2024 Global MBA Ranking. The school’s flagship program moves ahead several spots, reaching 3rd in the global ranking – shared with the Columbia Business School – and 2nd in Europe.

“The keyword of SDA Bocconi is growth – that of people, companies and society,” says Stefano Caselli, Dean of SDA Bocconi. “The MBA is the flagship program of the school, designed to tackle an increasingly challenging context by developing the skills and personal goals of the students. Our Faculty assist participants in understanding and managing the transitions our society is facing. Today, to make an impact in organizations, we need to grasp what actually generates economic and social value by examining the complex connections from sustainability to demography, and from the digital realm to the political landscape”.

“Our program is recognized as a game changer in the career of its graduates,” says Stefano Pogutz, Director of the MBA and professor of sustainability. “Ninety percent have changed at least one country, sector or function." Proof of this is in the numbers, which show a 135% increase in salary three years after graduation compared to pre-MBA compensation. “What grows, however, is first and foremost the social impact of those who attend our program, which is designed to offer a holistic view of business organizations, with a focus on the digital, sustainability and macroeconomic context.”

This achievement attests to the long journey that SDA Bocconi has taken to reach higher and higher levels of scientific prominence, innovation in teaching and impact in academic research. The recognition of the Financial Times is also the result of the vision and guidance of the Associate Dean for Master Division Enzo Baglieri, who has contributed significantly to the development and success of the division and thus of the MBA.   

For the Faculty and Staff of the school, the ranking is the culmination of their commitment to offering educational experiences that address changes in the market and the needs of participants. For those who decide to attend the Full-Time MBA at SDA Bocconi, this means having the opportunity to become part of a community that is consistently focused on internationalization and part of a network of the best business schools in the world.


SDA Bocconi School of Management

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