Mission & Values | SDA Bocconi School of Management

Mission & Values


"Empowering Lives Through Knowledge and Imagination"


We develop responsible and thoughtful leaders by generating and disseminating innovative managerial knowledge.

We design and offer learning experiences which foster creativity through the power of imagination.

Thus, we empower lives through Knowledge and Imagination.




Empowering Lives Through Knowledge and Imagination | SDA Bocconi
Empowering Lives Through Knowledge and Imagination | SDA Bocconi

Independence from any cultural, political and economic influences for a real free thinking.


Critical thinking to open new perspectives of analysis and research.


Scientific rigor to constantly guarantee quality and reliable results.


Imagination and creative passion to promote a truly relevant innovation.


Entrepreneurship to seize business opportunities and win new competitive challenges.


Responsibility in the social, ethical and environmental fields to set up a sustainable development.


Centrality of people to unleash their professional and human potential and create long-lasting and valuable relationships.   

Pluralism and global vision to understand and enhance the value of cultural diversity.